1993 BSDC Officers

President: John Hunter

Vice-President/Treasurer: Mark Newman

Secretary: Mary Elliott

Reporter: June Newman



1993 BSDC Newsletters


January 1993- October 1993: missing



November 1993 Newsletter


Hi Everyone.

The Pioneer Days at Kenton are now behind us. We had a good turnout of members in spite of the rainy cold weather. WE had the parade on Saturday under black skies and a few sprinkles. We just got unhitched and all the vehicles in the barn when the sky broke loose with a down pour. Our potluck was high and dry in the barn and as always, there was plenty too eat. The barbecued chicken was delicious. Our auction of donated items brought $95. Some of us that were camping there sat around in the barn until 11:30 p.m. telling old horse tales and waiting on the rain to let up. Our hopes for sunshine on Sunday fell through, black skies, a light rain and a cold wind cancelled the parade. We elected to just hitch and drive around with a heavy raincoat as our proper dress. Gary and Connie Gillifillian want to thank everyone who braved the weather to be there and to those who stuck it out through Sunday. Everyone had a lot of fun, the rain couldnít dampen that.

I have just returned home from the World Pairs Driving Championship. The best word I can think of to describe it is awesome, the obstacles were even harder than I had imagined. The cones course was real tough. Very few of the Whips made it through without penalty points. There were a few spills on the obstacle course. The other entertainment was well worth seeing. My favorite was the coaches and four. I think a different breed pulled each coach. They were all beautiful with all trimmings. All the coaches had a horn blower. It must take all day to clean the harness and the coaches, thatís a lot of brass to polish. The arena they were in was muddy and had flipped up all over the coaches. Plus the four horses had to be washed and groomed for two appearances a day. My other favorite place was the trade fair, making at least two trips through each day. There were several other Black Swampers theyíre taking in the sights and doing some shopping. It was a great trip.

Missy the Wonder hose was more then glad to stay home and rest up for the Corn Huskers.

Good health and Safe driving. See ya.

December 1993 Newsletter


Hi Everyone,

Well, our season is now behind us and it is time to look forward to nest year. Our final drive at Corn Huskers was a great finish to a good year of drives. I was only there for Saturday, but it is a full day of events. There was coffee and donuts to start off the morning, and then everyone hitched at will and drove around the grounds awhile. Then each person tried his or her skills at the cones course. Iím not sure I ever went through quite the way the course was set up, but it was fun anyway.

After that it was time to unhitch and find some lunch and check out the craft booths that were set up there. After lunch we hooked up to log tongs and tried our hand at a little log skidding. After log skidding it was time (you guessed it) to eat again. Roger and Darlene Higgins brought their chuck wagon. We all gathered around it for Hobo stew, pie, coffee, etc. I bet the cowboys never had it this good. Sara Hunter must have cooked a side of beef for the stew. The rest of us threw in the other stuff.

After that we tried Sara and Ann Bells new caramel corn recipe. I did the hard parÖ I held the flashlight while Ann stirred and Sara poured in the contents from her premeasured containers. It tasted great. Now, if they can just figure out how to keep it in the kettle as it pops.

Then Ann had the fixings for some Símores. We were just getting into the campfire and the Símores when it started to rain, and we had to hurry to put everything away. Joe Bell being the nice guy he is, held the umbrella over Ann while she washed the big iron kettle. The rest of us gathered under the fly of the chuck wagon and watched.

The annual meeting November 7 was well attended. There was plenty of good food and a good speaker. John Tschantz spoke on driving, carriage restoration, types of carriages, etc. John had slides to show along with his talk. Is always helpful to have the visual. You can understand things a lot better. Thanks, John, for the informative talk. Iím sure everyone enjoyed it. We also had several door prized that was given out: lap robe, buggy jack, ceramic horse and sleigh, pens, ball caps, etc.

We elected new board members after the door prizes. They are Mark Newman and Roger Higgins, 3-year terms and Wayne Kidd , 1-year term. A board meeting was held right after the banquet to elect officers. They are: president, Roger Murray, vice president, John Hunter; treasurer, Mark Newman; secretary, Mary Elliott. It looks like your stuck with me and Missy The Wonder Horse for another year of writing the newsletter for the Corral. June Newman agreed to do our club letter again.

I would like to thank all those who held a drive this year. I know they take a lot of work to prepare for. These events are the blood of our club. Without them we would not exist. Me and Missy The Wonder Horse loved all of them, so thanks again.


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