1994 Black Swamp Driving Club Officers


President: Roger Murray

Vice-President: John Hunter

Treasurer: Mark Newman

Secretary/Reporter: Mary Elliott


January 1994 Newsletter

By Mary Elliott


I trust that everyone had a happy and safe Holiday Season. There is no real news to report on this month.

Joe and Ann Bell will be hosting a sleigh rally at Wharton Park, Wharton, OH, February 20. There will be a potluck at 1 p.m. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Drinks will be provided.

Directions to Wharton park from State Route 30: go north on State Route 293, after you pass the cemetery take the first street to the left follow this just past the school to the drive on the west side. Park behind the school, the Park is beside the school. There is a nice heated building with restrooms. Letís all hope for snow. Joe said if thereís no snow, you could bring wheels and drive around town. See you there. I wonder if Missy will wear those sleigh bells?

Good health and safe driving

Marry and Missy the Wonder Horse

February 1994 Newsletter


Hi, folks.

Well, we had the big oops in the last newsletter. "Joe Bell" gave the wrong date for the sleigh rally. He called and told me that he didnít know what calendar he was looking at, but the rally was to be on Sunday. So the new date is Sunday, February 20. The potluck is a 1 p.m. Bring a covered dish and your own table service. Drinks will be provided. Joe also informed me that I couldnít spell (I know that). I left the "H" out of Wharton. To get to the park from State Route 30, go north on State Route 293. After you pass the cemetery take the first street to the left. Follow this just past the school to the drive on the west side. Park behind the school. The park is beside the school. If you see Bellís Grandson Nathan tell him to remind grandpa to get the sleigh out, and it wouldnít hurt if they were to get another one.

If you have not paid your dues yet, letís get those is. Dues are $20 for a family, $15 for single adult and $5.00 for junior members. If you donít have a form, just write the information on a piece of paper and mail it and your check, made payable to the B.S.D.C., to me. The season is about to begin and you donít want to miss out on a thing.

If you would like to host a drive or you have an idea you think will improve the club, contact a board member. We are here to serve you.

I did have the chance to get my sleigh out on New Yearís Eve. We could have used a little more snow. Missy pooped out after about 45 minutes. My mother, who is 81, piled into the sleigh for a short ride. All bundles up and covered up with the fur robe, she said this isnít too bad. Missy didnít mind the bells jingling at all, In fact, I think she liked them. Ha Ha.

I have to put some bear grease on the sleigh runners, so good health and safe driving. See ya at Wharton Park, February 20.

Mary and Missy the Wonder Horse

March 1994 Newsletter

Hello Fellow Buggy Nuts

Our first meeting of the season took place on January 30 at the Anchor Community Center in Findlay, Ohio. We had 14 members and one guest in attendance. We didnít get to watch our movie, because there was no VCR or TV at the Community Center, as we understood there would be. We had a short meeting, ate snacks and exchanged horror stories about the subzero weather and how much water we had in our stalls from the thaw and rain that followed. We also discussed a year-end award for the person attending the most meetings/drives. This is with or without a horse. All you have to do is show up, sign in, have a good time and win a prize.

There have been some changes in dates for drives, so take note. The drive at Kentucky Horse Park has been changed to the first week in June. It will be held on June 2, 3, 4 and 5. Mark this down on your calendar; itís going to be a fun time. Some new things have been added and each club will have a task to take care of. As I understand, they will still have the tailgate party. Open to the drive this year will be the Walnut Hill Stud Farm. Iím excited! We had a great time last year and this year is sounding even better.

Henryís drive at Pettisville Park has been changed to May 22.

You know, itís the funniest thing. Every time I ask Missy The Wonder Horse if she wants to get the sleigh out, she always says Neeeigh. Anyway good health and safe driving.

Mary and Missy The Wonder Horse


April 1994 Newsletter


Hi, everyone!

Our Sleigh Rally at Wharton turned out to be a warm sunny day with no snow. We did have a few sprinkles of rain. Joe seems to have a knack for picking a 70 degree day to hold this. WE all know he hates snow and cold. Wayne Kidd and I were the only ones brave enough to haul a horse and buggy in to drive. I guess this separates us real buggy nuts form those of you that are faint of heart. The ones that didnít go for a ride watched videos of carriage driving and restoration of carriages and sleighs. Wharton is a very quiet little town with very little traffic. It was an enjoyable day and a relaxing one. We had a large potluck with a good variety of things to choose from. After dinner and driving, we snacked on hot dogs and símores. I was so busy eating and visiting that I missed all the movies. WE had 14 members there. Remember, we will have a year-end award for the most events attended by one of you, so be there.

Our next drive will be in Pettisville at the park. The Potluck will be a 1 p.m. with the drive to follow. Bring a dish to pass and your own table service and drinks. There is a long route and a short route for this drive. WE had a real nice time here last year. To get to the park from State Route 6, take County Road 19 north to Dome Street. I think you turn right on to Dome Street. The park should not be far. This will be on May 22. For more information, call Henry vumFelde at 419-335-7446. I put the sleigh and bells away the other day. Now as I set and write this looking out the window, itís pouring the snow, and their calling for 8 to 12 inches. Looks like Iíll be busy dragging everything back out.

Looks like we have a busy season ahead of us. See ya at the drives.

Good health and save driving.

Marry and Missy the Wonder Horse.



May 1994 Newsletter


Hi, everyone!

Well spring has finally sprung, and itís time to let those buggies roll, grease up your axles, check for loose bolts, check the king pin and put a little grease on the fifth wheel. You might want to check your harness to make sure it still fits and is in good repair.

Get your driving critter out and back in shape, because on May 15 we have a new drive. Harvey and Doris Fairchild will be hosting a drive in Spencerville, Indiana at the Community Hall. You should have received a map in the mail with directions on how to get there. Doris said she has "ordered sunshine and blue skies!" Bring you camera, a covered dish and blue skies! Bring your camera, a covered dish and your own table service. Harvey and Doris will provide the meat and the drinks. The potluck will be a 1 p.m. Ohio time. They would like to have a real good turnout, so letís surprise them and all of us show up. For more information call Harvey and Doris Fairchild, 219/868-2569. There will be two routes: a four-mile and a seven and a half mile with a covered bridge to cross. Sounds like itís going to be a great time, so be there or be square.

Donít forget Henry zumFelde drive will be the following weekend on the 22nd at the Pettisville Park, in Pettisville, Ohio. See the April Corral for directions, etc. For more information call Henry zumFelde at 419/335-7746.

Missy the Wonder Horse got new shoes the other day, so now if the mud in the paddock doesnít suck them off, weíre just about ready to go, so weíll see you at the drives.

Good health and safe driving,

Mary and Missy the Wonder Horse

June 1994 Newsletter


Hello, Buggy People!

It looks like we will have a full schedule of events for this year. With the drives we have planned and some new ones here and there, it looks to be a fun season. I would like to stress to everyone, if youíre having a drive or want to host one, please, please send the information to me at least two months in advance so I can pass the news along.

Wayne and Jeanette Kidd will be hosting a drive on June 26 at the So-Ham-Co sportsman club. Itís near Arlington, Ohio. The potluck will be a 1 p.m. with the drive to follow. We will be on quiet country back roads, so bring your S.M.V. signs. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Our hosts will provide drinks. You will receive a map with directions to the sportsman club where we will meet. Contact Wayne and Jeanette Kidd at 419/326-6746 for more information (the number in your club roster is wrong).

The Black Swamp Driving Club is sponsoring the seventh annual carriage parade, pleasure drive and evening buffet at Sauder's Farm and Craft Village on Saturday, July 16, 1994. Sauder Village is located one mile north of Archbold, Ohio, on Ohio Highway 2.

Those attending with horses and carriages should use the west entrance to the parking lot. Drive through the parking lot to the assemble area. Upon arrival register with the committee to receive your coupon worth $4.00 toward the evening buffet: two coupons per turnout, three coupons for driving a pair.

Participants should provide a brief description of their turnout to the committee before the parade. The announcer will read this information during the parade. The parade will begin promptly at 1 p.m. Proper dress is required for the parade. After the parade we will have a 13-mile drive, part of it along the Tiffin River. Shorter routes are available. Restrooms are available at Goll Woods State Park on the drive.

There is a cafeteria in the entrance building and the Barn Restaurant for lunch. The Buffet Dinner is at 6 p.m. Reservation for dinner must be made by July 14 with either Mike and Gala Yaney, V447 County Road 13, Napoleon, Ohio 43545; 419/598-8784 or Henry and Becky zumFelde, 4436 County Road 13, Wauseon, OH 43567;; 419/335-7746.

If youíre not a member but you would like to see what weíre all about, please come join us for a day. We would love to have you.

I guess thatís about everything. If anyone has questions or I have forgotten something, give me a call or drop me a line.

Good health and safe driving!

See ya at the drives,

Mary and Missy the Wonder Horse


July 1994

Hi, everyone!

Well, we now have three drives behind us. The drive at Spencerville, Indiana, was well attended. We had eight turnouts and 22 people. The early morning threat of rain gave way to a beautiful day.

Pettisville was a hot, sunny day with nine turnouts and 22 people there to join in on the fun.

The drive at Kentucky Horse Park was wonderful. The weather was perfect. We had great attendance from our clubÖ 31 members and guest and 11 turnouts. We had a tremendous club effort for the Tailgate party on Saturday. Roger and Darlene Higgins brought their chuck wagon and we made a frontier setup complete with a bear hide, some deer hides and branding iron. Roy Rogers was singing "Happy Trails" in the background on the tape player. There was so much food left over, we added a few cold cuts and had supper and a surprise birthday party for Roger Higgins. Roger didnít say his age, but weíre sure heís at least 39. We won the prize for the best Tailgate setup overall. It was a wonderful basket of different types of breads. We ate that too. A big thank you to all who played along. I didnít know how we would top this.

Donít forget the Sauder Villiage Drive and Parade on Saturday, July 16. The parade is at 1 p.m. with the drive to follow. You need proper dress for the parade. Get your reservation in ASAP for the buffet dinner. They must be made by July 14 with either Mike and Gayla Yaney, V447 County Road 13, Napoleon, Ohio 43534; 419/598-8784 or Henry and Becky zumFelde, 4436 County Road 13, Wauseon, Ohio 43567.

The Gene and Diana Darbyshire Drive will be Sunday, August 21. The potluck will be at 1 p.m. Drinks will be provided, but you must bring your own table service and a dish to pass. Bring along a lawn chair also. If you wish to swim, bring a swimsuit and a towel (the Darbyshires have a beautiful pond). You will be on the road so bring your S.M.V. Signs. They will give the long and the short of it when you get there.

Directions are: Darbyshires live on West Street (town), Road R (country). West Street is one block south of the only traffic light on Route 65 in Columbus Grove. Turn west on West Street Ė Road R and go one mile. You will go past a cemetery and a pond. Turn in at Pond Drive. For more information call Gene and Diana Darbyshire at 419/659-5161.

Good health and safe driving,

Mary and Missy the Wonder Horse.

August 1994



September 1994 Newsletter

Hi, everyone!

Well, our drive at Sauder Village turned out to be one of our better years, weather wise (not so hot). We had 15 turnouts with 28 members and six guests there. Everyone that went on the pleasure drive after the parade said the deer flies and skeeters werenít nearly as hungry as they were the year before. I close to spend the day touring the Village. This was something I hadnít done before. It was a nice way to spend the day.

September looks to be a very busy month. To start things off there is Arlington Harvest Day at Arlington, Ohio. Itís September 10, starts at 10 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. display or drive around town. Set up across from the B.P. Station. If you come into Arlington on State Route 68. You canít miss it.

On September 18 Doris and Harvey Fairchild will again be hosting a drive at Spencerville, Indiana, at the Community Hall. The Pot Luck will be at 1 p.m., our time with the drive to follow. Doris said that due to popular demand she would again bring chicken and drinks, so bring a dish to pass and your own table service. You know these people love to do this because Harvey fell shortly after our drive there in May and messed up the roller cup in his left shoulder and will be in an airplane sling for sometime, and he had surgery in July.

Directions to Spencerville, Indiana, Community Hall: If you come into Hicksville from the south on 49 at the junction of 2, go straight across on Spencerville Street. If coming into Hicksville on 2 or 18 go down through the business district to where 49 and 2 divide, turn right on Spencerville Street (there is a little Caesars Pizza on that corner). This will become County Road 64 in Indiana. Go to the second stop sign, turn left (SR 1) one mile. The Community Hall is to the right. There is a church and a little restaurant at the T. This is a fun drive. There is a covered bridge to cross and quiet country roads to travel on, so if you missed the drive here in May, hereís your chance.

September 24 and 25 is Hardin Heritage days in Kenton, Ohio. There will be a parade at 1 p.m. each day (proper dress is needed for parade). On Saturday evening at 6 p.m. there will be a potluck and a donation auction, so look around for something to bring to the sale. There will be housing for animals and carriages in the 4-H horse barn, and there is camping available on the grounds. Call Gary or Connie Gillfillian at 419/675-3257 for more information.


October 1994 Newsletter

Hi, everyone!

Well, summer is over, and we still have a couple of fall drives and our annual meeting left on our calendar of events.

On October 7, 8 and 9 the Corn Huskerís Festival will be held at the Wyandot County Fairgrounds, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. You can arrive on Friday if you wish. There is camping and electric and water hookups on the grounds at a cost of $7 per night. Housing for horses and vehicles will be provided in the 4-H Horse Barn. Cost is that you clean your own stall before you leave.

We will make Mulligan Stew on Saturday night. Bring raw vegetables or tomato juice to add to the pot, and feel free to bring a desert or anything else to add to the meal. Later on we will make popcorn and Símores over the fire.

Driving will be at your leisure with obstacle courses to be set up to drive at different times each day. Bring your lawn chair and come join us for the weekend. This is one you wonít want to miss.

On October 23 Dan and Ginny Secrist will be hosting a drive at their farm. Potluck will be at 12:30 p.m., so bring your drinks, a dish to pass and your own table service.

Directions from the west are: State Route 6 to State Route 590. The second road north is County Road 59. East to Secrist Woods.

Directions from the east are: State Route 53 to State Route 6 West to 590. From West State Route 20 to State Route 590 South second road east to County Road 59.

The colors should be beautiful for this drive, so be sure to be there.


November 1994 Newsletter ?

December 1994 Newsletter


Hi Everyone.

By the time you read this our driving season and Annual Banquet will be over. The winner of the Best Attendance award will be known to all.

Itís been a wonderful busy season and for the most part we seemed to be smiled upon with good weather and good attendance from our membership.

It rained at Kenton but it didnít rain on our parade, we were in high and dry before the heavy rain hit. It was warm and dry for the Sunday parade. That came soon after but we stayed dry. The guys on tractors werenít so lucky. They got drenched.

I think we had more turnouts in our parade both days than people to watch but we had fun. We had a great Potluck and our Auction afterwards brought $150. Thanks to all who donated items. This helps pay for stamps building, rental etc.

The Corn Huskers was great as usual. John and Sara Hunter couldnít be there this year. John and Sara Hunter couldnít be there this year. John did most of the work to set up everything, then Joe and Gary carried it through. I think we had the best weather ever this year. We made our stew for supper to go along with homemade bread and a lot of deserts there. The wind picked up in the evening and the people thinned out so we didnít make Caramel Corn over the fire but we did find room for a few Símores.

This is my last year on the board so this will be my last letter. Iíll turn my pen over to someone else for a turn. So this is good-bye.

Good Health and Safe Driving,

Mary and Missy the Wonder Horse.

Events for 1994


January 30: Anchor Community Center in Findlay, Ohio.

May 22: Pettisville Park, Hosted by Henry zumFelde

June 2, 3, 4, & 5: Kentucky Horse Park

June 26: Wayne & Jeanette Kidd, Jenera, OH

July 16: Sauder Village, Archbold, OH

August 21: Beggs & Darbyshires Drive, Columbus Grove, OH

September 24-25: Pioneer Days, Kenton, OH

October 7-9: Corn Huskers, Upper Sandusky, OH

October 23: Dan and Ginny Secrist Drive

November 6: Annual Meeting, Elks Club, Bowling Green, OH

Black Swamp Driving Club