BSDC April 2013 Newsletter

It's April and the first driving event is just around the corner! The BSDC is looking forward  to another great season!  Here is the current  list of drives that are submitted so far. This is includes both confirmed and pending events.

April 14th, BSDC Meeting and Clinic, Arlington, Ohio 2:00-4:00 p.m.

May 4th, VanBuren State Park, VanBuren, Ohio (confirmed)

May 12th, Zoar Village, Zoar , Ohio. This is an invitation with The Western Reserve.

May 18th, McCutchenville Inn Drive, McCutchenville, Ohio (confirmed)

May 31st thru June 2nd, Carriage Round-up, Lexington, Ky. (confirmed)

June 16th, Richwood Drive, Richwood, Ohio (confirmed)

June 22nd, Gene Autry Days, Kenton, Ohio (confirmed)

July 6th, Upper Sandusky Historical Society, Upper Sandusky, Ohio (confirmed)

August 24th, Unger Park Drive, Bucyrus, Ohio (confirmed)

September 15th, Parker Bridge Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio (confirmed)

September 22nd, Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, Ohio (confirmed)

October 19th, Higgins Drive, (pending)

This is the list of events that we have on the schedule so far. If anyone is interested in having a drive or an event, please let the BSDC Board of Directors know so we can add your event to the list. As you can see we have many things scheduled but it's never too late to add an event. As always, please refer to the BSDC Newsletter for updates and changes that may occur. Sometimes things may change or be canceled and I will not have enough time to make the correction in the article, so check the newsletter, and you might even get a phone call if things change at the last minute.

As promised in the last article, I have the contact numbers for the Board of Directors. They are as follows:
President, Roger Murray, Hm.419-447-0076, cell ph. 419-934-1229
Vice-President, Roger Higgins Jr., Hm. 740-499-2589, cell ph. 740-251-7193
Secretary, Molly Owen, Hm. 419-284-3000, cell ph. 419-569-6573
Treasurer, Mark Newman. Hm ph. 419-365-1613, cell ph. 419-957-4843
Julie Emmons, Hm ph. 740-499-3382, cell ph. 740-361-3885
John Heffernan, Hm. 419-674-1232, cell ph. 567-674-3550
Angie Hohenbrink, Hm. 419-274-1122, cell ph. 419-274-6435

During the winter months the club has regular business meetings and there are Board of Directors meetings as well. Here are some of the things the board is working on. The BSDC is working on getting speakers lined up for the club meetings. We have several that we are contacting to help expand our knowledge on several subjects. Once they are confirmed, I will place the details in the article.  The board is also looking into the possibility of other club activities such as road trips and other educational events. We are also considering a Halloween drive complete with costumes. We are also planning to have Mike Minges present his trailer safety program during this season as well. These are just a few things that the board is looking into. Everyone is welcome to come to the meetings and submit their ideas. We are also in the process of updating our member profiles. Once we have the profiles updated then we can feature a different member each month. It’s interesting to see what others are all about and what they have done over the years.

The Emmons Family sent this information to me regarding their drive. Julie has submitted the following details.
The Emmons Family will host a drive at the Overland Inn at McCutchenville, Ohio on May 18th, 2013. You may arrive at 10:00 a.m., and the potluck is at 12:00 noon. A curator will be there for tours thru out the day. There is another building with the history of the area on the property as well. We will dine just like the travelers of the Inns’ time. You’re welcome to display carriages on the grounds. This would make an awesome photo opportunity. Restrooms will be available. The drive will be traveled on all backroads. SMV signs are required. The drive is 8 miles in length, round trip. While routing out the drive, I spotted 4 eagles on the trip.        If you have any questions, please call Julie Emmons at 740-361-3885. We hope to see you at the drive!!!


We always extend an invitation to everyone to come and see what the BSDC is all about. Feel free to come and check us out! 

Please send any information that you would like to have printed in the Equine Journal and any pictures too. My contact information is,
Roger Higgins Jr. , ph. 740-251-7193, email address  
I would really like to have more pictures of the events. We really do a lot of activities and it  would be great to let others know what the club is doing.

Thanks to everyone for your support. You are the success of the club. It takes everyone to make things happen!

Until next month, 


Roger Higgins Jr. /   Reporter