BSDC August 2013 Newsletter


It's August and things are getting hot! The BSDC is moving right along with the drives and events. We have added a couple new drives to the list. It's still not too late to submit a drive. If you are interested just let us know and we can add it.
Here is the list of remaining drives and events for the club:

Day trip for Sleigh Collection, Oak Harbor, Ohio, August 12. (Confirmed)

Parker Bridge Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, September 16. (Confirmed)

Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, OH, September 23. (Confirmed)

Hite's Log Cabin Drive, Kenton, OH, October 6. (Confirmed)
Vail Meadows-Maumee State Park Drive, Oregon, OH, October 28. (Confirmed)

Annual Banquet, November, (Pending)

Christmas on the Farm, Kenton, OH, December. (Confirmed)

Please watch the BSDC Newsletter for updates and confirmations of driving events. Some events may be confirmed or changed at the last minute and I may not have to get the information in the article. Please submit the details of your event well in advance of the confirmed date. Submit the details to Jackie Minges or any member of the board. It's important that the information is received for the newsletter. The sooner the better.
We have had alot of events this year so far, and alot more to come. We have had great day trips, a successful Safety Clinic, and great individual drives. The day trips have been awesome! Everyone has enjoyed them, and learned alot as well. We also had a great time at the Carriage Round-Up at the Ky. Horse Park. "Thanks" to Susie and Charlie Pope and their staff for a wonderful event.
Congratulations to Mary Elliott and Linda Spears! They were the force behind the theme for the tailgate party at the Carriage Round-Up. The theme was "Red Solo Cup". They brought home the winning prize! Thanks ladies for a job well done! It was great.
If anyone has pictures of club activites please send them to me via email. I am going to try to include them in the articles if my computer program allows me to. I know there are several members that takes pictures, so please send to my email address.
If anyone has any news that you would like to place in the article, please email me at or call-me at 740-251-7193. That way we won't miss anyone, or any news that we need to share.

The club aways extends an open invitation to the public to come and join us. We do have a good time and always keep safety a priority. We have alot going on. Some events are completed and others are yet to be held, so come and check us out.

This is all the news that I have for this month. If there is something you need to add or would like to see in the article, please let me know.

With that being said, until next month,


Roger Higgins Jr. / Reporter