BSDC FEBRUARY 2013 Newsletter

Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone is having fun this winter season! It’s February already and there are things to do. Here is a list of upcoming events for the club:
February 10th , BSDC meeting at the Good Hope Lutheran Church , Arlington, Ohio from 2-4p.m.
February 17th, Information booth at the Findlay Swap Meeting, Findlay College Equine Center.
March 10th,  BSDC meeting at the Good Hope Lutheran Church , Arlington, Ohio from 2-4 p.m.
April meeting is pending the decision of a safety clinic. The April meeting will be announced.
May 18th,  event in McCutchinsville, Ohio. It is hosted by the Emmons Family. I will add the date and details when I get the information. This will be a truly unique event, so please watch for more details.
Please watch the BCDC newsletter for updates. Sometimes an event may change or be canceled and I will not have enough time to make the correction in the article, so check the newsletter, and you might even get a phone call if things change at the last minute.
The BSDC is having regular business meetings each month at the Good Hope Luthuran Church in
Arlington, Ohio. Meetings are held from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. with a potluck at the end of the end
of the meetings. Please come and join us!
Now is a great time to start getting things ready for the 2013 driving season. Everyone knows
that harness needs polishing, that seems to be an ongoing task. Turnouts can be looked at for
any repairs that might be needed, and your vehicles and trailers can be looked at as well. The
BSDC has printed information that can help you get things organized. We have booklets on
Driving safety, brochures from Mike Minges that he had at his demonstration at the Safety
Clinic regarding horse trailers and vehicle safety. We have to remember even the smallest
details, such as fire extinguishers and safety kits. We even have a checklist of items so it’s easier
to remember what you need to do. It’s very important to keep safety first to have a successful
driving year.
I will follow-up next month and report the new list of officers, and contact numbers. At this
time I do not have that Information yet.
It’s also time for us to think about hosting drives for 2013. Some drives have been submitted,
But it’s never too late to schedule a drive. Even if you are in the planning process, please submit
the date that you are thinking about to reserve that time in our schedule of events. If you can’t
make it to the meetings, please send  the information to me and I can relay it to the board of
directors. My contact information  is: or 740-251-7193. If anyone has any news, or have pictures they would like to share, please use my contact
information.  This is all that I have for this month. As always we extend on open
invitation to everyone to come and check out the BSDC. Come and join us!
Until next month, Enjoy!
Roger Higgins Jr. / Reporter.