Happy New Year!!  It’s the beginning of another year of driving and events for the Black Swamp Driving Club. It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by and a new year has started already.

We do have some dates confirmed for the new year. Here is a list that we have so far.
January 13th, BSDC meeting at the Good Hope Lutheran Church , Arlington, Ohio from 2-4 p.m.
January 25-27th, 2nd Annual Sleigh Festival, please refer to www.sleighfestival.com for details.
February 10th , BSDC meeting at the Good Hope Lutheran Church , Arlington, Ohio from 2-4p.m.
February 17th, Information booth at the Findlay Swap Meeting, Findlay College Equine Center.
March 10th,  BSDC meeting at the Good Hope Lutheran Church , Arlington, Ohio from 2-4 p.m.
April meeting is pending the decision of a safety clinic. The April meeting will be announced.
We do have an event scheduled for May as well. The event is in McCutchinsville, Ohio. It is hosted by the Emmons Family. I will add the date and details when I get the information. This will be a truly unique event, so please watch for more details.
Please watch the BCDC newsletter for updates. Sometimes an event may change or be canceled and I will not have enough time to make the correction in the article, so check the newsletter, and you might even get a phone call if things change at the last minute.
As you can see we have several things happening already. This would be a great time to start thinking about hosting a drive or an event for 2013. If you would like to have a drive and inquire about what is involved in having one, please contact us. We can help provide the information you need. It’s also a good time to check your equipment for any repairs or cleaning that may needed. “Safety” is the main concern and so important for a successful year of driving.  
We do have a new slate of names for the Board of Directors. The new board members are:
John Heffernan,  Julie Emmons, and Roger Murray. Congratulations! The returning board members are Molly Owen, Roger Higgins Jr., Angie Hohenbrink, and Mark Newman.  The new officers has not been assigned yet, so once we have a decision I will publish the list of officers and the contact number for each board member. We would like to thank the outgoing members of the board , they are Mary Elliott, Kim Mack and Jackie Minges. Thanks ladies for a job well done!
The Annual banquet was held on November 11th, 2012 at the Royal Buffet in Findlay, Ohio. We voted in new board members stated above, had an auction, proceeds went for expense for the upcoming year, and a white elephant exchange. “Thanks” to Mary Elliott, she was the auctioneer, and to Gary Gillfillan, who helped assist Mary in getting our money! Thanks to all the donated to the auction, it’s the main source of donations for the current year.
“Thanks” to Ann Bell. Ann donated her time in getting the calendars for the club. We appreciate her efforts in doing this for us.
Another item of interest is that Angie Hohenbrink will have her lending library at the winter meetings. She has an awesome collection of books and she graciously shares with the club. “Thanks” Angie for sharing your library with us. If there is a special book you need you can call her at 419-274-1122 and she will be glad to bring it to the meetings or a drive.
If anyone would like to send information or pictures to me for the article please do so. The pictures have to be sent 300 DPI or they will not be printed. I have added pictures to the article, and just found out why some of them were not printed, it was because of the 300 DPI issue, I am still learning on what is needed by the Journal. They can only print them as stated above. Please refer online on how to make sure your picture is 300 DPI. It will walk you thru the steps. If you are unable to send them 300 DPI, send them anyway, I can try to make the correction, but its better to have them sent that size. So if your picture isn’t in the article this could be the reason.  You can send any article information to: higgy122@msn.com, or call me at 740-251-7193.
We look forward in seeing everyone at the upcoming meetings. As always there is an open invitation to join us. If you are interested in the BSDC you are welcome to come and check us out and see what the club is all about. Please remember to bring your “goodies” for the potluck after the meetings. We have some great cooks!
This is all that I have for this month. Until next time, Enjoy!
Roger Higgins Jr. / Reporter