Can you believe it, it’s June already and the BSDC has had a Safety Clinic and four drives so far this year! We are off to a great driving season!
Here is the current list of drives and events already scheduled.
June 1st, Higgins Amish Country Drive, Kenton, Ohio ( confirmed)

June 16th, Richwood Drive, Richwood, Ohio (confirmed)

June 22nd, Gene Autry Days, Kenton, Ohio (confirmed)

July 6th, Upper Sandusky Historical Society, Upper Sandusky, Ohio (confirmed)

August 24th, Unger Park Drive, Bucyrus, Ohio (confirmed)

September 15th, Parker Bridge Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio (confirmed)

September 22nd, Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, Ohio (confirmed)

October 19th, Gillfillin Drive, Hites Log Cabin Drive, Kenton, Ohio (confirmed)

This is the list of events that we have on the schedule so far. If anyone is interested in having a drive or an event, please let the BSDC Board of Directors know so we can add your event to the list. As you can see we have many things scheduled but it's never  too late to add an event. As always, please refer to the BSDC Newsletter for updates and changes that may occur. Sometimes things may change or be cancelled and I will not have enough time to make the correction in the article, so check the newsletter, and you might even get a phone call if things change at the last minute.

The Black Swamp Driving Club has been busy with the drives, but also busy planning the activities for the remainder of the year on general business issues. We are planning on having a couple of speakers in August with a potluck afterward in an area park. The Board of Directors are also planning the annual banquet. We are thinking about something different than what the traditional banquet activities are. So please watch for updates. It is an exciting time for the club. We have a great driving season planned and we have some new and exciting things in store. We are asking for pictures of each event we have. Molly Owen has taken over the scrapbook and pictures are needed to keep that project going. We are blessed that we have those scrapbooks. Everyone should really take some time to look at them. You would be surprised all the things that have changed and these books really jog the memories. Pictures are also needed by the reporter Roger Higgins Jr. for the Equine Journal articles. If you have pictures, please make sure one of us get them.

It’s great to share them with others so they can see what the BSDC is all about. Send any information that you would like to submit to or call Roger Higgins Jr. at 740-251-7193.
“Thanks”  to the membership for supporting  the drives and events. This is what makes our club successful. It takes a lot of time and planning by the host in preparing the events, and its great to see everyone coming to support them. We always have a great time.

We extend an open invitation to everyone interested in the Black Swamp Driving Club. Feel free to come and check us out. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help in any way we can.

This is all the information that I have for this article. Until next month, Enjoy!

Roger Higgins Jr. / Reporter