BSDC September 2013 Newsletter


September already and the Black Swamp Driving Club still has some events going on. Here is the list of things yet to come:
September 15th, Parker Bridge Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio (confirmed)

September 22nd, Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, Ohio (confirmed)

October 19th, Hites Log Cabin Drive, Kenton, Ohio (confirmed)

November 10th, Annual Banquet, Arlington, Ohio, at the Good Hope Lutheran Church

This is the list of events that we have on the schedule for the rest of the season. We still have several things scheduled, but it's never too late to add an event. A nice autumn drive maybe???  As always, please refer to the BSDC Newsletter for updates and changes that may occur. Sometimes things may change or be canceled and I will not have enough time to make the correction in the article, so check the newsletter, and you might even get a phone call if things change at the last minute.

We have had a wonderful driving season so far this year and we look forward in the events that are scheduled. Thanks to the members that are making the drives successful. Without your support  it couldn’t be done. It’s fun to host events, but even more fun when the people enjoy the effort put forth by the host.

 The annual banquet will be here before you know it. Please think about becoming an officer of the club. It’s “your” club and it takes “your” help in making the club operate. Often we step back and let the “other” guy do things, easy, but it might not be the best way to make things happen. We need people that will think of everyone and just not a certain few, every member should have a say in the clubs operation. So step up and help the club with your ideas. You may want to start getting your donated items ready for the auction for  the banquet. It’s a major part in funding the club. So take a look around and see what you have to bring. We always have a lot fun with the auction. We are doing the annual banquet differently this year, so please watch for details in the newsletter.

The Black Swamp Driving Club would like to thank Karen Edwards of the Equine Journal for all of her help. Karen has moved on with her career and she made things happen at the Journal. It was a pleasure working with her. She made sure we met the deadlines and went above and beyond helping get our articles properly submitted. “Thanks” again Karen, “Good Luck” with your new position,you will be missed.

If any members have people that are interested in joining the club, please bring them along to an event. That way others can see what the club is doing and what we are all about. We always have an open invitation for anyone to come and join us. If you are interested in joining the club, or observing our events, please let us know. You can contact me at or call 740-251-7193, I will be glad to help in any way I can.
It would be great to have some new members added to the club.

As always, I am requesting pictures of the events so I can add them to the article. They play an important part of our activities. It seems like we can get pictures for the newsletter but they don’t seem to make it for the journal. So if anyone has pictures for the article please send them to me at  I will be glad to attach them to the article.  

This is all the information I have for this month. 

Until next month,


Roger Higgins Jr. / Reporter