BSDC 2014 January Newsletter


Happy New Year from the Black Swamp Driving Club!  2014 is getting underway and that means the Black Swamp Driving Club is planning for the new year. With that being said, here are the dates for the 2014 business meetings.
 January 19th, February 9th ,  March 9th, and April 13th  (2014).  Please remember the February  date is not confirmed.   We are working with the church for options. For those who have email, please watch for an email regarding any updates. For those who do not, you will be getting a call.
We do have one issue left from 2013 and that is the new Board of Directors. We had three positions open and they will be replaced as follows. Kim Mack will be taking the one year term, and Mary Elliott and Roger Higgins Jr. will be taking the  three year terms. Congratulations to the new Board members! Thanks for becoming part of the team.
There is more congratulations to be recognized and that is Darlene and Roger Higgins Sr. are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on January 6th.  What an honor that is! Have a great anniversary!
Please remember to start planning your 2014 events.  If you already have ideas regarding drives, events, and exhibits, please let us know at the business meetings so we can reserve your date and time. It’s never too late to add on an event, but this way it will give us an idea of what the 2014 driving schedule will be. 
The Christmas on the Farm outing was fun! The schoolhouse was decorated and the BSDC was giving sleigh rides. Yes! It snowed this year! Sometimes we have to put rollers on the sleighs, but not this year. The pictures in the article are from that event.
The BSDC is looking for a new reporter and someone to take over the newsletter. Thanks to Jackie Minges for a great job doing the BSDC newsletter! She put a lot of time and effort in making a truly awesome newsletter. I am looking for someone to become the new reporter. As of right now the Corral is the only source of club information, so it is important we have a reporter. Please let the Board of Directors know if you are interested in filling those positions.
We look forward in seeing you at the meetings. If you have any questions you can contact me at or my cell phone is 740-251-7193. Also, if anyone has pictures they want in the article, please send via email me.
Members, please feel free to invite new potential members to the meetings. We always extend an open invitation to everyone to see what our club is all about.
This is all I have for this month. Until the next article, we wish you well in the new year.
Roger Higgins Jr.