BSDC March 2015 Newsletter,

By Mary Thomas

Black Swamp Driving Club Plans for 2015
Setting the calendar of events was the focus of the BSDC Feb. 8 meeting at the     Lutheran Church hall in Arlington, OH.  Kim Mack reported on plans for the Findlay Swap Meet, Feb. 15, at the University of Findlay’s Western Farm.  Information packets have been prepared for distribution and an additional attraction will be Mark Newman’s beautiful sleigh.
Holding a safety clinic was briefly discussed before Julie Emmons announced that the first drive was scheduled for May 16 at McCucheonville, OH, at the historic stagecoach inn.  Two events will be held in July.  A trip to the Laverty Funeral Museum, near Cincinnati, OH, is set for July 18.  Near the museum are intriguing shops and places to dine.    The Ronald and Sharon Hayhurst are holding a drive near Bowling Green, OH, on July 25.  Ungar Park, Bucyrus, OH, is the location for the Aug. 22 drive.  Julie Emmons is organizing the annual Parker Bridge drive, Upper Sandusky, OH, on Sept. 20. and a week later (Sept. 27), Sue and Roger Murray will offer their latest edition of the Coonhunters Drive, held in conjunction with the Western Reserve Carriage Asso.
Mary Ellliot has chosen Oct.25 for her fall hayride, powered by her pair of Percherons.  Several possible club outings were suggested, including a trip to the Auburn, IN, museums and a visit to Harley Chandler’s Coach Shop, Petersburg,  KY.
Will Stevenson, Ft. Wayne, IN, entertained members by playing “Just As I Am” and “The Lord’s Prayer” on his tenor saxophone prior to adjournment to a delicious potluck dinner.
The Mar. 8 meeting is set for 2:00 p.m. at the Lutheran Church, Arlington, OH.  Angela Lemmon, Clyde, OH, will present a program on equine supplements:  do you need to feed them, and if so, which ones?