April 2012 Newsletter


Spring is in the air and it's time for us to spring into the new driving season! There are a lot of things being discussed in the club, but not a lot has been decided. I will recap what we have in mind so far, please remember, some of the events are confirmed and some are still pending. Here is what we have so far:

Safety Clinic at the Hancock County Fairgrounds, April 21st. I do not have any details but the date has been confirmed.

Trip to Holmes County Ohio, May 12th, meet at the Auction Barn in Mt.Hope and carpool to different carriage and harness shops. (Pending)

Carriage Round-Up, Lexington, Ky, June 1st thru 3rd. (Confirmed)

Wyandot County Historical Society, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, July 7th. (Pending)

River Bend Drive, date note set, (Pending)

Parker Bridge Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, September 16th. (Confirmed)

Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, Ohio, September 23rd. (Confirmed)

Hite's Log Cabin Drive, Kenton, Ohio, October 6th. (Confirmed)

Paulding County Event is under investigation.

*** Please watch the BSDC Newsletter for updates and confirmations of driving events. Some events may be confirmed at the last minute and I may not have to get the information in the article.  As you can see, things are starting come together for another exciting season.

At this time we extend our deepest sympathies to the Emmons Family, the Owen Family, and the Stevenson Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in the passing of your loved ones.

At the February business meeting there was a special "thank you" given by Susan Orosz regarding the Maumee Bay Sleigh Festival. Special thanks went to the club members that helped on her committee for the festival. Thanks went to Molly and Dale Owen, Mary Elliott, Linda Spears, Jackie and Mike Minges, Angie and Al Hohenbrink, and Sue and Roger Murray. If I missed anyone please let me me and I will make the correction the next article. Mike Minges sent a recap of the event but I could not access the email for this article. I do apologize, I will have it for the next issue. There were around 80 attendees and the event was quite a success. There were lots of pictures and stories telling us of event.

Sandy Young and Peggy Graham brought the updated scrapbook and that asked if anyone has pictures to please bring them in so they can add them to the book. They really do a great job!

Please remember if you would like to submit any information for the article email me at higgy122@msn.com or call me at 740-251-7193.  Everyone is welcome to come and visit the club. We extend an open invitation to all.

Until next month,


Roger Higgins Jr. / Reporter