Best Of The Whip (Collection 1975-1992) ADS
Horse-Drawn Vehicles (Plates from the Hub) Carriage Museum
Carriage terminology An Historical Dictionary Don Berkebile
History on the Road (Painted Carts of Sicily) Marcella Croce
Carriages of the Past Postcards
Driving  (complete driving system #5 Germany) GNEF
Encyclopaedia of Carriage Driving Sallie Walrond
Hints on Driving Captain C Morley
Competition Carriage Driving HRH Duke Edinbr
American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies, & Carts Don Berkebile
Donkey Driving Vivian Ellis
John Deere Buggies & Wagons Ralph Hughes
Driven Dressage with the Single Horse Sandy Rabinowitz
Driving & Judging Dressage HRH Duke Edinbr
Show Driving Explained Marylian Watnet
A Guide to Driving Horses Sallie Walrond
Training The Buggy Horse & The Driver Owen Brumbaugh
HarnessingUp Anne Norris
Driving Questions Answered Sallie Walrond
Horse and Buggy Driver's Manual Lancaster County
Carriages A General Maintenance Book
Discovering Horse-drawn Farm Machinery D J Smith
Antique Auto Body Decoration for the Restorer Villiage Craft
Antique Auto Body Wood Work for the Restorer Villiage Craft
Pinstriping Designs John "Tramp"
Practical Carriage and Wagon Painting M C Hillick
Working Horse Manual Diana Zeuner
Draft Horse Primer Telleen
Stage-Coach Days In The Bluegrass Winston Coleman
"Gone Away" With The Winmills Armstrong
Memories - Mostly Horsy Tom Ryder
Retraining the Harness Racehorse Robin Cuffey
CAA Guide to Carriage Turnout & Appointments Tom Ryder
World on Wheels  #1 CAA
World on Wheels  #2 CAA
Carriage-Driving Games CAA
Sporting Day of Traditional Driving CAA
CAA Driver Proficiency Program level I  Syllabus CAA
CAA Driver Proficiency Program level II Syllabus CAA
CAA Driver Proficency Program level III Syllabus CAA
Drive Smartly - Drive Safely CAA
Putting -To A Pair Allen Guide
All About Long Reining Allen Guide
Driving Allen Guide
Drivers Training Manual COONA
Memories of the Buggy Days Henry Meyer
APC Handbook Course Design  (Driving) FEI
World Pair Driving Championship 1993
Alltech 2010 Driving Program (course map, ect) World Equestrian Games
Life In The Slow Lane  (Maps & History) NW Ohio Roads
Farm Harness Decoration Robert H Steinke
Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness Heinrich Freiherr von Senden
Driving An Instructional Guige to Driving Singles & Pairs Clive Richardson
Clicker Training for your Horse Alexandra Kurland
Carriage Turnouts (Guidelines for horse-drawn vehicles) Tom Ryder
Bending the Driving Horse  Muffy Seaton
Two-Wheeled Vehicles For Equine Carriage Museum
The Driving Book Major H Faudel-Phillips
Carriage terminology An Historical Dictionary Don Berkebile
Horse Drawn Sleighs (2nd addition) Susan Green
Susan's Suppliemnt for Sleds, sleighs, and Sleighing Susan Green
Horse Farms and Horse Tales of the Bluegrass Wilma Clapp
Understanding harness Barb Lee
Illustrated Book of the Horse Sidney
Conservation & Restoration of Horse Drawn Vehicles CMA
Make The Most Of Carriage Driving Vivian and Richard Ellis
Horse-Drawn Carriages & Sleighs Richard Wilbur
An Ounce of Prevention (Safety Concerns) Olaf Nyby
Fine Pleasure Vehicles  (catalog) WAL-RAKE Pony Vehicle
So You Want To Show Draft Horses Draft Horse Journal
Midwest Tandem Driving Clinic Mary Ruth Marks
Henry Hooker & Co. Catalog Catalog
Collectible Clothing Sheila Malouff
Victorian Fashions 1867 - 1898 Harpers Bazar Stella Blum
Mosemans' Catalog of Horse Furnishing Goods C.M. Moseman & Brother
Susan's Superior Source for Stylish Tandems Susan Green
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Coson Carriage Collection at Beechdale Duke of Edinburgh
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