April 2003 BSDC Newsletter

By Roger Higgins, Jr.

Happy Spring from the Black Swamp Driving Club. It has finally made it! I think we were all wondering if Spring would come or not.   The Driving Club held its business meeting on March the 9th, 2003 in Findlay, Ohio.  The meeting was opened by President Roger Higgins SR.. The treasurers report was given by Angie Hohenbrink and the secretaries report by Sandy Young, both reports were approved.


  Roger Higgins Sr. asked Joe Bell and Gary Gillfillan to chair the committee for the Annual Meeting in November. They accepted and so did the wives. They were in favor in trying as many different places as they could, Ann and Connie had no objections in that! When it comes to eating, everyone is in favor of that.
  Mark Newman will chair the committee to organize the nominations for next year. The question was asked about any new drives,  no one had anything to add at this time. There is one update reported, the Higgins/ Emmons drive will be help on June 7th instead of June 14th. There are still some drives that are pending, so if you have submitted a drive, please try to firm up the plans and let us know. Directions will be given when the list is complete.


  It was reported that the Findlay University sent out a notice about the virus that was effecting horses in the area. The good news is that the quarantine has been lifted. It seems somewhat certain it is under control. The members still should use caution.  Some of the members were wondering about the outing in Lexington, Ky. Once a year there are five clubs that gather at the Kentucky Horse Park in June. This year the Carriage Association of America is having their conference there, which caused our outing to be rescheduled. We haven't heard of any new dates on this yet. I will report them once I get the information.


  An update was given on club member Gerald Rasey. Gerald is home recovering from surgery. Get Well soon Gerald, the club misses seeing you and Marilyn.


  We have a member who had a mishap on the ice, Linda Spears fell and broke her ankle and is having surgery to correct the break. Best wishes goes out to her as well.


  Roger Murray gave a report on the CAA conference in Lexington, Kentucky. Roger is on the board of directors of the CAA. He reported that this year there will be several horse farm tours given. This is an opportunity to see the famous horse farms that is not usually open to the public. The Kentucky Horse Park offers miles of driving area, but they have added 1000 more acres for driving for the conference.  This is one event you will not want to miss. If you have any other questions of if you need additional information, contact Roger or Sue Murray.


  Joe and Ann Bell took a trip to Florida attending the Ocala Draft Horse Show and the Florida State Fair.  We now know that Florida was COLD! They stated that a stop was made at the Gloria Austin Farm. There were alot of coaches and vehicles there, it is worth a stop to see it.


   We had a great presentation from Roger and Sue Murray about their driving experience through Europe. Their trip lasted 12 days which included driving lessons as well. A video and slide show was given. This was an excellent presentation. It wasn't all a leisure trip, there were several situations they encountered along the way that were quite demanding. I can't cover everything that was presented, but I do know it was enjoyed by all the members. Excellent job Roger and Sue!


   This is all I have for this month.  The next meeting will be April the 6th from 2-4 p.m. at the Trinity Lutheran Church, in Findlay, Ohio. Direction: From Rt. 224, go West over I-75 to the first light (N. Ridge Rd.). There is a Cracker Barrel Restaurant on the corner. Turn right and go to the end of the street, the church is on the right. Please bring snacks and goodies, punch and coffee is provided.


    Everyone is welcome to attend, come and join us!