April 2004 BSDC Newsletter

By Heather Bonifas


Happy April everyone!  I am so full of “Anticipation”.  I can almost hear the tune in my mind.  As my mind wanders as I think of all the things in which I look forward. Ahh, glorious Spring in all her splendor is approaching! Just close you eyes and imagine…   A short list of simple pleasures that I fancy for the nearby future are: green pastures with their sweet aroma of clover, warm breezes, parades, clopping hooves on back roads, and of course, driving dates (either with the club or private events).  For now, we can just look at our mud-balls (formerly know as our horses) and daydream of warmer days. 

            Our March 14 meeting was held at the church in Findlay.  Attendance was down.  Maybe several of us were scrubbing our beasts, as the weather was not too bad for a change.  Peg Graham, our wonderful president, called the meeting to order and dove right in to the ‘old business’. Angie Hohenbrink gave the treasurer’s report and I read the minutes from last month’s meeting.

 The safety meeting is on!  Dan Shanahan has graciously opened up his shop to present: Lunch & Learn (phrase coined by event chairperson, Mark Newman).  It will take place in Dan’s shop in Huntsville. Driving directions are as follows: take 274 east out of Huntsville (a little ways out so don’t get discouraged) until you get to 2687 SR 274 W.  If this is not enough information, call Dan at 937-686-5202.   The club decided that we Lunch at 1:00 and Learn at 2:00. Bring a carry-in and your thinking caps.  Now, take note of the date: it will be Sunday, April 18th, replacing the April meeting at the church!  This kind of opportunity does not come around every day, so please mark your calendars and plan to attend the meeting.  Remember, those who think they know everything there is to know – do not!  See you there!

Board members and officers do not forget the meeting at the night before, April 17th at 6pm at the Woodland restaurant in Findlay.

Another bit of old business was the mention of the two-day drive.  Nothing more was offered.  If you have any interest in participating or hosting a two-day drive, please call a board member or bring it up at the next meeting.  

Angie Hohenbrink took the time to draw up a liability waiver for the club. It will be sent out in the mail in April, along with and an interests flyer.  Please take the time to look these over and fill them out. Extra copies will be available at each planned drive.

Now is the time to get out that pencil and calendar for the important dates.

April 18 – safety meeting at Dan Shanahan’s

*May 16 – Secrist drive

June 4,5,6 – Charlie Poppe hosting the drive at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington

June 10-12 – CAA annual conference Blowing Rock, NC

*June 19 – Emmons/Higgins Amish drive

*September 11 – Sauder Village drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde

*September 26 – Murray drive

*October 3 – Higgins/Emmons drive

*October 9,10 – Corn Huskers drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter


Also, pencil in the Topeka, IN sales on April 15,16,17 and again on June17, 18,19.  Check out the section in the Corral for the event dates for this month.  You may find something that strikes your interest such as a tack sale or horse show. 

            Happy Birthday to all the April babies of all ages:

(4) Katie Crossman, (16) Travis Emmons, (17) Ann Leightey, and our beloved secretary, (18) Julie Emmons. 

One final note; when you are outside and begin to curse at the first sign of horse flys, stable flys, house flys, or deer flys, remember Spring and Summer will too quickly ‘fly’ by so enjoy every minute. See you all next month.