Black Swamp Driving Club Newsletter for April 2005


Get some spring in your step, folks, spring is finally here!   Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and our horses will soon be dumping unimaginable amounts of hair off of there bodies, just in time for the warmer weather.  I do not know about you but I am ready to shed my outer layers, too!  Heavy winter coats, hats, mittens and long underwear are getting old.  Easter bonnets, pretty dresses and jackets are signs that a renewed spirit is here.  Breathe it in, and enjoy.  Speaking of enjoying yourself, I have a goodly list of exciting events planned for this year; so get out those calendars and plan to attend as many events as possible! 

            Our February meeting was the last meeting at Trinity in Findlay this year.  Thank you to all of those responsible for making all of the winter meetings at the church successful, especially those who secured our dates and others who helped in the kitchen.

Our president, Roger Higgins, Jr. opened the meeting and asked for the secretary’s report from Julie Emmons, and the treasurer’s report from Angie Hohenbrink.  The pressing news of the day was the upcoming April Safety Clinic.  We enjoyed an itinerary that was drawn up and shared with everyone.  Just to recap, the clinic is on April 17, 2005 (members, there is no additional April meeting).  It will be held at Fetter Farm, on State Rt. 309, East of Lima, Ohio.  We will be beginning at 2 p.m. and ending around 4:30p.m.  Topics to be covered are as follows: horse health, vehicle maintenance, harness fit and care, horse shoeing, and hands-on driving experience!  Please plan to attend and bring a friend or two.  Snacks will be available on the grounds.  This is a valuable resource for those who are new to driving, those who are seasoned veterans, or those who would like to get into the sport.  For more information, please contact any of the officers listed at the top of the article or myself.

Equine Affaire is April 7-10th.  If you have never been or are a regular to the event, there is always something to offer for you.  From nationally known (maybe world renowned) guest speakers and clinicians, to every horse related product, to nearly every breed known to man, Equine Affaire is the place to see them all.

Our first drive of 2005 is hosted by Joe Bell on May 15 in Wharton, Ohio.  Directions are as follows:  US 30 to SR 293 go north.  Go past cemetery.  Take the first street to left and go down 6 blocks to Wharton Park.  For those coming in from the north, take SR 37 through Mt.Blanchard.  Go past the Riverdale School.  Turn left at the first crossroad to Wharton.  Go right at the second street.  Go down 1 block, and then go left for 1 block.  Park will be on the right.  Please arrive at 1p.m. for potluck, drinks provided, drive will follow. Following the drive, we will have at meeting for board members and officers.


Here is the calendar for 2005:

April 17, clinic at Fetter Farm

May 15, drive hosted by Joe Bell at Wharton

June 2,3,4 Kentucky Horse Park Carriage Round-up hosted by Charlie Poppe (please plan ahead, get your coggins test and health cert., as they are required to travel out of Ohio)

June 18? – 19 drive hosted by Angie Hohenbrink Henry County fairgrounds, Henry County Draft Club Fun Show on Sunday

July 4 – parade at Kenton at 4p.m.  Meeting under the tree at fairgrounds afternoon

July 23 – Roger Higgins, Jr.  Amish drive at Hepburn

August – not settled on yet.

September 10 – drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde at Sauder Village, Archbold

September 25 – drive hosted by Roger & Sue Murray at Coon Hunters Lodge, Tiffin

October 8, 9 – drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter at Corn Huskers, Upper Sandusky

Shaplers and Emmons both have outstanding dates for their drives as of now.


Those of you, who are planning to go to Kentucky for the Carriage Round-up, think of some ideas for the tailgate dinner.  Get creative and share your ideas at the next meeting.


That’s all for now, I will see you all soon.  If you have not been to a club gathering lately, we miss you.  Please come back soon.