Sent April 14th


Newsletter by Roger Higgins, Jr.

Hi Swampers!!!  Things are moving on!!! By the time you get this issue of the Equine Journal we will have had several events already completed. On April 10th we had the Safety Clinic at the Hancock County Fairgrounds, on May 14th we had the Civil War Days in Kenton, Ohio and May the 22nd we had the drive at Independence Dam, in Archibald, Ohio. Things are moving right along, so come and join us! The next event we are looking forward to is the Carriage Round-Up at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky on June 3rd thru the 5th, and the Higgins Amish Drive on June the 18th.
Here is a list of the upcoming events still in store for the club:
            July 9 - Wyandot County Museum, Exhibition Only, Upper Sandusky, Ohio ***
            August   21 - Carriage Display - Cedar Cove, Ada, Ohio
            September 25 - Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, Ohio
            October 4-9 - National Drive at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky.

            October 8 - Hites' Homestead Drive, Kenton, Ohio *** 

            October 16 - Parker Bridge, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 
            November 5 - Maumee Bay State Park Drive, Oregon, Ohio ***
            December 17 - Christmas at the Farm, Kenton, Ohio ***
and we still have a couple of activities still pending. So we still have a lot of drives and events yet to enjoy.
I also wanted to let everyone know to watch for your BSDC Newsletter. This is our avenue for any changes and updates that may occur. So please make sure you read both items. The Board of Directors have been busy working on several issues at hand. We are in the process of developing a new look for our brochure, and discussing updates to the webpage. So, the BSDC could have a new look in the near future.
We also would like to stress when attending the activities, that everyone respect the people and the property of the hosts. Please use common sense when you are on other's property that isn't yours. If you have questions please ask before you "think" its alright to do something.
Its kind of weird, but we are looking into plans for the Annual Banquet. We have been checking places and they are booking up already for the end of the year,,, doesn't seem possible, but true. I will have more updates on this and other things as they progress.
I am going to put in the contact numbers again for the Board of Directors so if anyone has questions or concerns you can give us a call.
              Julie Emmons, President, 740-361-3885
              Angie Hohenbrink, Vice-President 419-274-1122
              Jackie Minges, Treasurer, 734-856-6122
              Molly Owen, Secretary, 419-569-6573
              Roger Higgins Jr., Reporter, 740-251-7193
              Mary Elliott, 419-561-1332
              Sandy Young, 419-569-5389
Contact us for any details that you need. For those folks that are interested in our club, give us a call!
If you have any news or any items you would like to appear in the article, please send them to me at, and the items need to be submitted before the 12th of each month. I have to submit the final draft by the 15th. This way it will give a couple of days to make sure your news gets to me in time.
As always, our doors are open to new members, so please feel free to join us. Until next month,,,,
Roger Higgins Jr., Reporter