BSDC NEWS April 2002

By Fred Thompson

   Hi everyone.  Well here we are into the month of April.  I think most people relate April to spring.  It's like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  You just know that nice weather will soon be here.  I think what really gives people spring fever is when they start to see all the things that are related to spring.  That new foal in the barn, those
first flowers that pop their heads through the warmed soil and the buds swelling up and bursting open on the trees and bushes.  This is when you just want to be outside.  It doesn't matter whether it's just a casual stroll around the house picking up those twigs that old man winter has dropped in your yard or something that is going to make you hunt for
that easy chair when your through.  It's time to get out there and enjoy all of this wonderful spring weather.

   With the hint of spring in the air, lets talk about our 2002 driving season.  I hope everyone got rested up over winter, because I think we are going to have a busy driving season ahead of us this year. DON'T FORGET OUR SAFTEY-DRIVING CLINIC APRIL 7TH AT FETTERS FARM GET THE WORD OUT.

   Yes, the first activity of the year is our driving clinic.  I hope you can make it.  Last years clinic was very good so this years should be even better.  Come on and join the fun.

   As you can tell by our Calendar of Event that the drive at Renee and Randy Walker's farm is coming up April 21st.    People can come anytime after 11:00.  Renee and Randy will be providing creamed chicken sandwiches, coffee and drinks, and place settings.  You may want to bring your own lawn chairs just to be on the safe side.

   Directions:  Coming from Findlay area - take 75 north to Rt. 6, then go west to Grand Rapids and cross the bridge to Rt. 24.  Go west on 24 to Cty. Rd. 3 and go north (right)  about 6 miles and our house is on the left.  It is a brown farmhouse with red & white pole barns.

From the north you would get on St Rt. 2; which is Airport Hwy.  and we
are 2 miles west out of Swanton turn left onto Cty. Rd. 3 and drive 4 miles. We are on the corner of 3 & C on the right side.

 From Delta come up Airport Hwy. 3 miles heading east and turn onto Cty Rd. 3, drive 4 miles south to just past Cty. Rd. C and we are on the right side. We'll have signs at Rd.3 and Rt. 24 and we will have a fairly large BSDC sign in the front yard.

   On May 5th, we will be gathering at the Community building in Spencerville, Ind. Harvey and Doris Fairchild will once again be hosting this drive. Dinner will be held at the Community building at 1:00 Ohio time with the drive following.  Doris said that the scenery will change a little this year since there is some bridgework being done.  Never
fear, I'm sure it will still be an enjoyable drive.  Directions: Take State Route 18 to Hicksville.  Where 49 and 2 split, pick up Spencerville St. Take it into Indiana, it will now be Rt. 64.  Once in Indiana go to the 2nd stop sign.  Turn left on St. Rt. 1 and go into Spencerville.  At the intersection of Rt. 1 and Rt. 68 turn right and you can see the Community building.

SAFTEY TIP: Yes, Spring is here and it is definitely in the air.  With that, lets keep in mind that while you're all ready to go out for a nice drive, think about your horse.  Horses are a little like kids.  They like to let out some of that energy that they have storing up inside. So the first few times you hitch, be on guard and watch how your horse is acting.  He may be ready to let out some of that energy at the worst time.  Be patient, with a few trips under his belt, he'll be the same ol' horse that you know and love.   Until then, don't put yourself or your horse in a situation that may get someone hurt.  A little foresight is worth all the hindsight in the world.

   About the only old news I have is the February meeting.  It was held at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Findlay with about 30 members attending.  President Roger Higgins opened the meeting with condolences to Peggy Graham and Linda Spears on the lose of their loved ones.

   Roger asked Susan Murray for the Treasurers Report.  She also noted that we have 52 member renewals and 5 new members.

   The main topic of the meeting of course was our clinic.  Some of the fine points were gone over to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.  It was discussed whether or not we should try to cover the topic of choosing a driving horse.  After much discussion it was left that we should mention that it is wise to take an experienced person with you to choose a horse.  Just because a horse can be ridden or that it was once a race horse that you can depend on this animal to be safe to drive on the road as a pleasure driving horse.  Safety is still the
clubs main concern.

   It was also brought up that this year is our turn to put on the Saturday night supper at the Kentucky Horse Park.  There will be more on that at a later date.

   As a special treat, a videotape of last years Christmas Parade at Lebanon, Ohio was brought in.   While everyone sat around and snacked, we were entertained with the broadcast of the parade.  Low and behold but who should appear in front of us on the screen but our own Julie Emmons driving in the parade.  Yes, Julie was in the parade last year
and was kind enough to bring in the tape for all of us to enjoy.  Thanks a lot Julie.  Everyone had a great time watching it.  We all knew you would make the movies someday!

   Again this month I have another birth announcement. Renee and Randy Walker have a new addition to their barn.  Their Haflinger mare had a little filly February 22nd.  Mother and baby are doing fine and are outside enjoying the weather.  Renee said the hardest part is picking out a name that they both will agree on.  I bet if we ask nicely we
might sneak a peek at the youngster when we go up to their drive at the end of the month.  I have to admit that I am just a little jealous.  Out of two mares, I had five little boys in a row.  I shouldn't complain too much.  I still have one of the little guys and he is now a two-year old and matches his mom to a T.  Wish me luck on making them a team.

   One last note.  If anyone wants to add something to the Calendar of Event or would like to add anything to the report, let me know. Pictures would be nice also.

April 4     Katie Crossman
April 5     Walker, Randy
April 17    Ann Leightey
April 19    Harvey Fairchild
May 11    Carol Hildreth
May 12    Gary Gillfillan
May 16    John Tschantz
May 20    Robert Crossman
May 24    Homer Joseph
May 24    Joanne Shapler
May 29    Marla Newman


  Feb 4 -5 Eastern States Draft Horse Sale
*Feb 17 Meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church
  Apr 11 -14 Equine Affair at Columbus, Ohio
  April 19 Carriage Auction at Topeka, Ind.
*April 21     Drive hosted by the Walkers
*May 5    Drive hosted by the Fairchilds
*June 16   Drive hosted by the Hohenbrinks in conjunction with the
Henry County Draft Horse Club fun show
  June 21 Carriage Auction at Topeka, Ind.
*June ?     Drive hosted by Mary Elliott at Malabar Farms
*July 4     4th of July parade at Kenton with the Gillfillans
*July?     Summer Picnic hosted by the Bells
*Aug 25   Drive hosted by the Young's
*Sept ?         Drive hosted by the Murray's at Melmore
  Oct 4 Carriage Auction at Topeka, Ind.
*Oct 12 -13  Cornhuskers with the Hunters
*Oct 27        Drive hosted by the Newmans

* Denotes a club sponsored event