Black Swamp Driving Club News:

By Fred Thompson

Our March 7th  meeting was brought to order by Pres. Mark Neuman.   It
was nice to see such a number of members and guests.  Our first
discussion  was about the May 15th  Ride, Bike and Hike day at Van
Buren  State Park.  The member agreed to donate $100  to the Ohio
Horseman’s Council to help make more riding trail at the state parks.
It was also agreed to not make it a organized drive since Angie
Hohenbrink’s drive at Hamler is the next day.  This is not to discourage
anyone that wants to participate in the Ride, Bike and Hike day at Van
Buren on May 15th.

Next Roger Murray filled us in on the Longaberger drive.   It sounds
like they are more than willing to do what ever it takes to make this a
very successful event.   They are putting in an access road for
exhibitors, putting up a tent to put our carriages and us under.   They
are furnishing some meal and a fenced in area for driving demonstrations
and to hold our games in.  The club will participating in a formal
carriage drive, have carriages available for viewing  and be available
to talk to anyone about carriage driving.  We will be holding driving
demonstrations and games.  Roger will be meeting with Longaberger and
putting the finishing touches on the details.  Longaberger would like us
to pre-register by June 15th  so they can  make all arrangements to
support the number of turnouts. Roger is also trying to put together a packet to give to our new members when they join the club.  By the way, our membership is growing
and I hope it continues.  Roger said he would
appreciate any suggestions
as to what may be in the packet. 

April 8-11--Equine Affair
April 15-17--Carriage Auction at Topeka, IN.
May  2--Drive at Spencerville, IN.
May  7-8 - Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa
May  15--Ride, Bike and Hike
May  16--Drive at Hamler sponsored by Angie Hohenbrink
May  22-24-mHeritage Festival, Zanesfield, Oh.
June 4-6--Carriage Weekend at Kentucky Horse Park
June 10-13--Equitana at Louisville, KY.
June 13--Draft Horse Fun Show at Napoleon, OH.
June 17-19 Carriage Auction at Topeka, IN.
June 20--Drive at Pettisville sponsored by Henry zumFelde
July   5--Hardin County fairgrounds July 4th Celebration
August 6-7-Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa
August 29--Drive at Bucyrus, OH. Hosted by Sandy Young
Sept. 11--Drive at Oak Openings near Maumee
Sept. 12- Delaware Horse Parade
Sept. 15-18--CAA Conference
Sept. 24-26-- Longaberger Carriage Classic, Dresden, Oh  (Roger Murray)
Sept. 30--Carriage Auction at Topeka, IN.
Oct.   2-3--Heritage Day at Kenton
Oct.   7—Mt. Hope Carriage Auction, Mt. Hope, Oh.
Oct.   9-10-- Corn Huskers at Wyandot Fairgrounds (John Hunter)
Nov. 12-13- Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa.
Nov. 20—Annual Dinner, Sauders Barn Restaurant, Archibold, Oh

Black Swamp Driving Club