August News, by Fred Thompson

  August, the Dog Days of summer.  All this time I thought Dog Days had
something to do with dogs.  Boy, was I wrong.  Dog Days means we are
into the 40 hottest days of the year, and was named for the star Surius (the Dog star).   Now there’s a little bit of trivia that you can file away.  I bet I know where you’ll file it to.  OK, so much for canines, let’s get onto equines.
  Our drive for the month of August will be at Sandy and Larry Young’s.
Sandy and Larry are teaming up with Mary  Elliott, Peg Graham, and Linda
Spears to host this potluck and drive. The  potluck will be at 1:00 and
the drinks will be furnished.  The directions  are as follows:  Take Route 30 through Bucyrus.  You will go past a golf course and come to a stop light.   This will be Whetstone St.  Turn right.  Go past the Fairground to the 1st stop light.  This will be Hopley Ave. (Route 19) Turn left.  Go 1 --2 miles, turn right on Route 100.  Go 1 mile and you’ll be there.  Sandy said, those with horse trailer  should park in the field at Diebler Rd. Those without horse trailers can pull up by the house.  Sandy will have signs out to help to show you where to park.

  The Pettisville drive was held June 20th and was hosted by Henry
zumFelde.  About 14 members and three turnouts showed up.  A potluck was
served and was followed by an enjoyable drive.  The weather was favorable and everyone enjoyed themselves.

  It was a hot one for the July 5th drive at the Kenton fairgrounds.
Fourteen people with three turnouts braved the high temperatures to join
hosts Gary and Connie Gillfillan for the festivities.  Gary said it was
hot, but it sure made that watermelon taste good.  It just proves that
you have a good time in something less that perfect conditions.

  Here’s an update on the Longaberger Carriage Classic.  It has the
makings of a great drive.  There is approximately 65 turnouts signed
up.  For the people that will be going down on Friday.  They would like
you to be there at 9am.  You are to go through the Main Gate and they
will direct you from there.  They are expecting  45 bus loads of people
on that day.  I don’t think anyone pulling a horse trailer wants to get
in that line and play the waiting game.  So get there early.


August 6-7-Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa
August 29--Drive at Bucyrus, OH. Hosted by Sandy, Larry, Mary, Linda ,
and Peg
Sept. 11--Drive at Oak Openings. Hosted by Michael and Joyce Cook
Sept. 12- Delaware Horse Parade
Sept. 15-18--CAA Conference
Sept. 24-26-- Longaberger Carriage Classic, Dresden, Oh  (Roger Murray)
Sept. 30--Carriage Auction at Topeka, IN.
Oct.   2-3--Heritage Day at Kenton
Oct.   7—Mt. Hope Carriage Auction, Mt. Hope, Oh.
Oct.   9-10-- Corn Huskers at Wyandot Fairgrounds (John Hunter)
Nov. 12-13- Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa.
Nov. 20—Annual Dinner, Sauders Barn Restaurant, Archbold