August 2000 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

   " Hot August night, and the leaves hanging down, and the grass on the ground smellingsweet."   If you were a child of the sixties, then you probably remember these words sung by Neil Diamond.  It goes on to say "that you'd almost bet you could hear yourself sweat." Oh how true, I remember as a kid growing up, in the pre-air-conditioning age, trying to get to sleep on some of those hot August nights.  Windows wide open, sheet thrown back and just enough on not to embarrass myself.  I learned early that shallow breathing promotes sleep. I would lay there ever so still,
breathing ever so softly, trying not to think about the heat.  Then SWAT!  Where did that mosquito come from?  On with the lights, find something to kill it with.  Knowing all to well that with just one mosquito or fly buzzing in the room that there would be no sleep.
Watching, waiting for that one moment.  There he is, not too fast--- SMACK.  Remember those days?  They were great.  They may not have seemed so then, but I think we all know better now.  No matter what year you were born, I'm sure you can remember a time in your life that you would like to revisit.  The times may have been harder and the conveniences fewer, but they were good times.  Those were the "GOOD OLD DAYS"
everyone talks about.  We can look back but we can't go back.  We cannot turn back the hands of time, so that is why we have memories.  So some hot August night sit down with your kids or grandkids, get out those old pictures, and share some of those memories.  Remember--- Memories last a lifetime and not just your lifetime.

  Memories are what we have of the 4th of July drive at Kenton.  Good memories.  There were 23 members and 10 turnouts showing up for the day, with most of them going out and participating in the parade.  The parade was one of the best they ever had for the 4th of July.  It lasted about half an hour. A big thanks goes out to Mark and Marla Newman for furnishing the burgers and hotdogs and doing the "flippin".  As usual for this year the clouds looked threatening but things worked out well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

  August 27th will be our drive of the month at Sandy and Larry Young's.  Sandy and Larry will be teaming up with Mary Elliott, Peg Graham, and Linda Spears to host this potluck and drive. The potluck will be at 1:00 and the drinks will be furnished.  The directions are as follows: Take Route 30 through Bucyrus.  You will go past a golf course
and come to a stoplight.  This will be Whetstone St. Turn right.  Go past the Fairground to the 1st stoplight.  This will be Hopley Ave. (Route 19) Turn left.  Go 1 --2 miles, turn right on Route 100.  Go 1 mile and you'll be there.  Sandy said, those with a horse trailer should park in the field at Diebler Rd. Those without horse trailers can pull up by the house.  Sandy will have signs out to help to show you where to park.
Member Profile: Gene Pore

  Hi everyone I'm Gene Pore.  My wife, Sheryl and I live in the rural McComb area.  We were married in 1974.  We have two daughters, Andrea and Kari and one grandson Mitchell (Andrea).  I have worked as a shear operator at Whirlpool in Findlay for 27 years.

    As a kid I spent a lot of time at my cousins house with his horse and ponies.  When I was in junior high school I worked for Harmon Kleisch with his six-pony hitch for two years.  When I started High School was the beginning of a ten-year dry spell away from horses.  In that time Sheryl and I married and moved to a five acre "mini-farm" outside of McComb that we still call home. Equine fever struck again and I bought an American Saddlebred and her colt, and a pony.  No one liked to ride except me so we decided to buy an Amish buggy. That was better because everyone enjoyed riding in the buggy. Our neighbor trained racehorses, so I worked for them for 4-5 years. This is where I learned
to trim and shoe horses and I still shoe my own horses.   By now our saddlebred was getting old and all we did was drive her, so in 1990 I decided to get a team of draft horses.  My first team was a 3 and 4 year old full brother and sister.  Their names are JR and Ruby.  They were named after the people I bought them from.  This is the same team I have today.  Since I started with the draft horses I have collected various pieces of farm equipment: a farm wagon, trolley, a bobsled, two riding plows and a walking plow, sickle bar mower, grain drill, hay rake and tether and a cultivator.  All of this equipment is in working order and I use it today.   I enjoy helping our neighbors farm in my spare time.
I have used my team to mow and rake hay and straw for the last 5-6 years.

  I have used my team to pull a trolley for the Antique Tractor Show in Findlay (a four-day event) for the last few years.  I have entered my team at the Hancock County Fair and the All Ohio Draft Horse and Pony Show in Findlay.  Between the two events I enter the single horse obstacle and team obstacle course, the farm team class, the team to
 class, team line driving and best match team class.  Last winter I was asked to use my team and trolley to give rides around the courthouse in Findlay at Christmas time.  I also give hayrides on occasion.

  We have been members of the Black Swamp Driving Club for two years. We enjoy doing things with our horses for pleasure and the BSDC gives us one more opportunity to do this.


August 7 Dan Secrist
August 8 Gene Pore
August 18 Larry Young
August 25 Diane Franz
September 3         Art Miller
September 11 Fred Thompson
September 29 Peggy Graham


*August 27..  Drive at Sandy Young
*September 10. Drive at Oak Opening hosted by Mike Cook
  September 24-24  Longaberger Carriage Classic, Dresden, Oh.
  October 5-7. Topeka, Ind. Carriage Auction
*October 7-8..Heritage Days at Kenton, Oh hosted by the Gillfillans
  October 11.. Mt. Hope Carriage Auction
*October 14-15 Corn Huskers hosted by the John and Sara Hunter
  October 18-20 World Singles Champion at Gladstone, NJ
*October 29... Drive at Mark and Marla Newman
* Denotes a BSDC sponsored activity

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