August 2001 BSDC Newsletter

by Fred Thompson

    Pictured are BSDC members Roger and Susan Murray with their restored
Spider Phaeton that took both the Sidney Latham Memorial Trophy (Best of
Show) and the Peoples Choice award at this years Carriage Association of
America conference held Shelburne, Vermont.

  Hi everyone. Here we are welcoming in the month of August.  Summer is about half over and some of the birds are already thinking about heading south.  I have just a little problem with this time of the year and I'm glad that I'm not alone.  I was looking thorough the Old Farmers Almanac for August and found out that there are other people that think along the same lines as I do.  If we happen to get a little cool snap and the ol' gray clouds start to form, the first thing that comes to our minds is FALL.  Even when it clears up and gets hot and muggy again, that notion is still in my head.  Don't ask me why I think this way.  I know that we have about another month and a half of summer to go.  So don't pay any attention to me and lets continue to think Summer. Now lets go out and see just how much fun we can have.    If you need a little help coming up with some ideas, I'll tell you about all the fun things coming up in the club this month.  First let see what has happened last month.

   Starting things off is the drive at Malabar Farms on June 24.  It was hosted by Mary Elliot.  The weather was as perfect as you would want for a drive.  The proof is in the number of people that turn out for the food, fun and fellowship. There were about 35 people that showed up. Mary had the grill just-a-smokin and was turning out hamburger, hot dogs and chicken breast to the height of perfection.  After the potluck was over and things cleaned up, the eight turnouts headed out on the drive.
The drive on the farm included a combination of paved, gravel and grassy paths that made for an enjoyable and scenic drive.  After everyone came back from the drive it was LET THE GAMES BEGIN.  The competition was hot and furious as each driver had to compete in three different events. There was the pole bending competition, the obstacle course and the flag
race.  When all the dust had finally settled, the prizes went to Connie (THE INTIMIDATOR) Gillfillan in the poles, followed by Peggy (OUTA-MY-WAY) Graham in the obstacle course and last but not least Nathan (EAT-MY-DUST) Strasbaugh in the flag race. With prizes collected and horses and ponies loaded and fair wells said, everyone headed out with memories of the drive at Malabar Farms.

   The Kenton 4th of July celebration was held-well-on the 4th of July in Kenton.  Boy, that was redundant wasn't it.  It was hosted by the Gillfillans and the Newmans.   The day started out being just a little on the wet and nasty side, but by noon and parade time it had cleared off and was a nice day.  There were twenty-two members that showed up for the fellowship and the festivities.  Five turnouts went in the parade and one of them was owned by Larry and Phyllis Schreiner from Marysville.  This was their first parade with their team of minis. 

   Now lets get to what is coming up.   Anyone that is planning on going to the LaRue Sesquicentennial Parade contact Roger Higgins Sr.  His phone number is (740) 499-2589.  Roger would like to know ahead of time about how many would be showing up.  An information card has to be filled out for the announcer of the parade.  This can be done the day of the parade, but make sure you get there in time to fill it out and get it turned in.  The parade will be at 6:00 p.m.  Directions are-Get on 309 and go east out of Kenton or West out of Marion until you get to S.R. 37.  Turn south and this will take you into LaRue and right past the park.  There should be someone directing traffic that you can ask as to where to load.                                                                                                                                                                                      
   Sunday, August 26 will be the drive for the month at Larry and Sandy Young's near Bucyrus.  Peggy Graham, Daryl Zellner, Mary Elliott and Linda Spears will help host this event.  The potluck dinner will be at 1:00 with drinks furnished.  The drive around the countryside will be after the meal.  We'll be looking for some of that homemade ice cream to complete the day again this year.  Seems it just wouldn't be right without it.  What flavor are we gonna try this year?

    To find Larry and Sandy's place take State Route 19 and 100 southeast out of Bucyrus.  Route 100 will split from Route 19 about l mile out of Bucyrus and go south. Go about l mile down Route 100 and you should be there.  The address is 1758 State Route 100.  For more details call the Young's at 419/562-4712.  Those with horse trailers enter the gate to the field at Diebler Road.  If you are not bringing a rig you can park up by the house. Signs should be out to help you.

   I may be jumping the gun just a little bit, but I thought I would include the drive at Oak Openings this month.  The drive is kind of close to the first of the month.  This way people can plan ahead a little.  Anyway--- Oak Openings---September 9th.   This event will be hosted by the Shaplers this year. The potluck will be at 1:00 as usual. Since they couldn't reserve the shelter house, Tom said he will be there about 11:00. So if you get there a little early and you see someone sitting in a shelter house that looks like the lonely Maytag repairman, that will be Tom. An inside source told me that Joanne will be doing some of her famous home cooking and will be furnishing barbecue beef sandwiches for the potluck.  They will also be furnishing coffee and soft drink.   The directions to Oak Openings are as follows: Take State Route 64 west through Whitehouse to Jeffers Rd.  Turn right.  Go about 1\2 mile and you will come to the horse parking area on the left.

Congratulation to Roger and Sue Murray

   In 1982 the Carriage Association of America began a formal restoration competition. This is held each year at their annual
international conference and is the premier carriage restoration competition. The judges scored the vehicles on a ten point system
similar to that used in scoring dressage tests.  They evaluated the Paintwork (Finish, Color, and Striping), Trim (Choice of fabric and Workmanship), and General Impression (Authenticity and Condition).  Each entry is critiqued by a panel of international judges and awarded either bronze, silver or gold certificate based on the scoring system.  The entry that receives the highest score from the panel of professional judges is awarded the Sidney Latham Memorial Trophy that signifies the best of the show.  Spectators also have a chance to vote on their favorite entry and it is awarded the Peoples Choice plaque. 

   This year the Carriage Association of America held it's annual conference in Shelburne, Vermont at the estate of Dr. Seward and Lila (Vanderbilt) Webb.  The restoration competition is now called the Carriage Showcase.  Both the Sidney Latham
Memorial Trophy and the Peoples Choice award were presented to Roger and Susan Murray from Tiffin, Ohio for their entry, a spider phaeton made by Boston based firm of Henry Hooker and Co. The records indicate that the dealer who sold the carriage was J. and F. French of Keene, N.H. 

   The dilapidated vehicle was found nearly two years ago in a chicken coup in Indiana.  Antique Carriage Restorations owned by Ernie and Betty Schwartz of Nappannee, Indiana restored the piece.  The spider phaeton was essentially a carriage for driving in the park and called for stylish horses.  The body is suspended on four elliptical springs and has a full fifth wheel.  Over the rear axle sets a dickie or groom's seat that is associated with the "leisured classes".  Spiders can be driven either by a pair or a single horse.

Welcome to our New Members:
Rachel Johnson and Ralph Campbell

Happy Birthday

August 3         Chris Langevin
August 7         Keith Neale
August 8         Gene Pore
August 10         Dorothy Ratchiff
August 10         Taylor Courchaine
August 11         Mary-Ellen Toth
August 18         Larry Young
August 19         Jessica Yaney
August 28         Gerri Scarbro
August 29         Micheal Deck
September 3     Art Miller
September 11   Fred Thompson
September 18   Phyllis Schreiner
September 22   Bernetta Huston
September 22   Janet Deck
September 23   Ruth Joseph
September 29   Peggy Graham

Upcoming Events:

  August 11... LaRue Bicentennial Parade contact Roger Higgins Sr.
*August 26.... Drive at Sandy Young
*September 9... Drive at Oak Opening hosted by the Shaplers
 September  22-23 Drive at Longaberger
*October 13-14 .. Cornhusker at Upper Sandusky hosted by the Hunters
*November 17... Annual meeting and banquet at Henry's in Kenton
*Denotes club sponsored events

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