Black Swamp Driving Club August 2005 Newsletter


Well, summer is finally in full bloom. Flowers surround us.   The sun warms our faces by day and sultry evenings beckon us to sit around in lawn chairs with cool beverages. We have been waiting for this all year.  Swimming pools, sprinklers in the yard, and county fairs (with the obligatory fair-food) are just some of the great things we have been enjoying this summer.

 Another summertime joy for the Black Swampers is driving our turnouts together at meetings and other events.  The last event was the Fourth of July parade.  We had a modest turnout of people and just two dedicated families brought their horses.  The Gillfillan family brought their mini and the Pore family brought their drafts.  Talk about polar opposites!  Everyone who attended enjoyed himself or herself.  I did not get to attend Angie Hohenbrink’s overnight drive on June 18&19. Joe Bell, the Shaplers, Mary Elliot, and Angie all enjoyed a day’s drive. Congratulations to Angie who also competed in the horse show.

This article went to print before the July 23rd annual Amish drive hosted by our president, Roger Higgins, Jr. It was held in Hepburn, Ohio.  I will give you a full report on all of the day’s events in the next article.

I want to pass along just some helpful reminders that busy people like myself sometimes forget concerning the health and safety of our dear horses.  Use bug repellant regularly on them.  West Nile Virus has reared its ugly head in Ohio already.  A human victim from Elida (near Lima) has been diagnosed last week.  Take other preventative measures like dumping standing water sources, including drinking troughs.  Wash them with soap to remove debris, algae, and any mosquito larva.  And for yourselves, don’t forget the repellant and loose, light-colored clothing, especially in the evening hours. Supply plenty of clean drinking water for the horses to drink and do not get dehydrated yourself, it can happen too easily in the “dog days” of summer.  Fly masks are great and smooth out piles of manure in the pasture field.  Also, use your Ivermectin to control parasites.  And as always, bring your SMV sign to all drives.

August is just chocked-full of fun driving events, so please plan to attend at least one of them.   The Civil War Reenactment drive, hosted by the Gillfillan family is on the 6th.  Aug. 23 is the start of the annual CAA conference at Shelburne Farms near Lake Champlain. And the Young family will host a drive on Aug. 28th.  Directions to Larry and Sandy’s place are as follows: take SR 19 and 100 southeast out of Bucyrus.  Route 100 will split from 19 about a mile out of town and go south.  Go about 1 mile down route 100 and you should be there. The address is 1758 SR 100.  See you there!

September has two scheduled events.  On Sept.10, Henry ZumFelde is hosting his annual drive at Sauder Village, in Archbold, Ohio.  There will be plenty of parking in the field past the pedestrian entrance, just follow the sign.  The grounds have many entertaining opportunities by taking you way back to a simpler time of the past.  Several eating establishments are also a feature including an old fashioned ice cream parlor, a diner style restaurant and a wonderful old barn restored to feature home-cooked favorites.  Please join Henry and Becky while we parade through the grounds, as we are a featured event of the park.  People from all around come to see “the driving horses” so let’s give ‘em somethin’ to enjoy.  We will eat on our own, and meet before the scheduled parade at 1:30pm.  The park opens at 10am –5pm.   The other much-anticipated event in September is the annual Coonhunters club drive on Sunday Sept. 25th, hosted by Roger and Sue Murray.  The Sandusky River Coonhunters Club is located near Tiffin, Ohio. The potluck is at noon.  Drive is on public roads with almost no auto traffic.  To get there: from the east or west take US 224 to SR 53 just south of Tiffin.  If coming form the north, take turnpike or US 20 to Fremont interchange, which is SR 53 and follow that until you have gone through Tiffin and come to US 224.  So South on SR 53 for 5 miles to CR6   Look for the BSDC/WRCA signs.  Turn left (east) on CR 6 and go 0.8miles to TR131.  This will be the second right.  Again, you will see the signs.  Travel on TR 131 for 1.5miles.  Sandusky River Coonhunters Lodge (7575 TR 131) is the big barn on the left.  Plenty parking, restrooms, etc. are available.  Drinks will be provided.  The drive will be between 4.5 and 6.5 miles (your choice of routes) along the Sandusky River on county roads.  Any ques.?  Call Roger or Sue Murray at (419) 447-0076.

The remaining scheduled events are as follows:

·        October 8-9 Cornhuskers Competition and drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter, Upper Sandusky fairgrounds.

·        October 23 – Emmons/Higgins drive at the Covered Bridge

·        Annual banquet first week of November at The Palmer House in Galion, Ohio.  Peg Graham’s stomping grounds! Delicious Dinners are pre-pay. (Does that mean the yucky ones are free?!) Just kidding. More info. to follow. Doesn’t that just whet your appetite?

All future drives will have directions in later newsletters.

Best wishes for Sandy Young and Peg Graham who traveled to Idaho for a national Appaloosa event. 

Until next issue, keep on horsin’ around!