August 2006 BSDC Newsletter    




Greetings from the Black Swamp Driving Club.  We have great things to report and a lot to look forward to this driving season. 


     Several club members enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Al and Angie

 Hohenbrink’s drive on June 17-18th, at the Henry County Fairgrounds.  There were signs of rain and stormy weather the entire weekend.  It was just warm enough to enjoy each time we hitched and the clouds helped to shield us from the sun.  Sunday morning we had a fun time watching all of the entries in the various classes at the draft horse show.  Also included were ponies, miniatures, and donkeys. (Now we all know what to practice to prepare for the show next year.)  It would be a lot of fun to see some of the Black Swamp members get involved in the competition next year.   On Sunday we enjoyed a breezy drive through the countryside, after a super meal and a great time visiting with each other at the potluck.    The weather was absolutely perfect until we began packing up to go home.  Most of the participants were fortunate enough to load and depart before the storm. We however, were still cleaning up our stalls.  The horizontal rain and furious wind came just before we loaded the horses.  Nevertheless, we all made it home safely.   


     There will be a drive at Larry and Sandy Young’s on Saturday, August 26th.  Please note this is on Saturday not Sunday as in the past.  Directions to Young’s place are as follows:  Take SR19 and 100 southeast out of Bucyrus.  Route 100 will split from 19 about a mile out of Bucyrus and go south.  Go about one mile down route 100 and you should be there.  The address is 1758 SR 100.  If you have any questions call 419-562-4712 or 419-569-5389.  There will be a potluck at 12:30 and drive in the country side to follow through and apple orchard and country roads.  Hope to see you there!  (We may even have some homemade ice cream when you come in from the drive.)   




     Please, if you are hosting a drive please be sure to send (snail mail) detailed directions and exact times to either Mary or myself.  Please document the information exactly how you would like it to appear in the article.  We will copy it word for word to ensure accuracy.  We also need pictures.  It is very important that we have this before the 10th of the month.  That is the new due date for the article. 


We’ll see all of you at the next drive.   Take care and safe driving.