August BSDC Newsletter.... by Stephenie Miles

WOW, what a scorcher it has been. What is up with all of this hot and humid
weather? I hope everyone has been keeping hydrated along with your
horses. Here are six signs that you should NEVER ignore.
 1. Elevated Respiratory Rate: why it happends? your horses hard breathing
forces air to flow past vessels in his lungs and airways, which helps cool his
blood. If his respiratory rate is more then 40-50 breaths per minute/ or
breathing shallowly and doesn't return to normal after 2 minutes, he needs to
2. Elevated Heart Rate: why it happends? a pounding heart transfers blood to
your horses skin to be cooled by the outside air. Risky when his heartrate is
more then 80 beats per minute,which doesn't start to slow down after 2 minutes
**To check vital signs- use a rectal thermometer. Tie your horse to the stall, you
will need to lube the thermometer up, gently insert into the anus about 2".
When it beeps remove and read. Normal is 99-100.5 degrees.
**To take a pulse, place your horses left foot foward ( if standing). Place the
stethoscope head against chest wall, just below elbow. Then push as far
under the elbow as possible. Listen for the lub-dub beat. Count # of beats in
a 15 second period and multiply by 4 to determine beats per minute.
Average resting is betweemn 30-40.
3. Profuse sweating: why it happends? Evaporation of sweat from your horse's
skin helps in cooling him down. Its risky when he's sweating over his entire
body or worsse, or stops sweating entirely.
4. Elevated temperature: why it  happends? Your horse's cooling
mechanisms have been over whelmed. It's risky when his rectal temp
goes up to 105 degrees farenheit or higher.
5. Lethargy: why it happends? Blood is being transferred away from youir
horse's vital organs to his skin surfaces for cooling, leading to severe heat
stress. It's rsky when he shows signs of becoming depressed or lethargic
(deficient in alertness or activity). or isn't interested in food or begins to
stumble or collapse.
6. Discolored Mucous Membranes: why it happends? As his circulatory
system becomes overwhelmed by trying to cool itself, blood may pool
in his gums. It's risky if his gums become dark red or "muddy colored".
**To treat heat stress stop your workout or driving. If tacked up, remove
everything to allow cooling air to flow more over his body.
**Give cool water bath.
**Offer water or give him a cold drink.
**Find shade for him to stand under
**Provide a breeze
**Call your vet. If your horse's signs don't improve in ten minutes or if
they worsen.
**To prevent heat stress
**Ride or drive early in the morning and use less tack.
**Provide fresh, cool water at all times.
**Keep him fit.
**Pay attention and learn to recognize warning sigs before it is too late.
 We had a drive on July 3rd at the Kenton Hardin County Fairgrounds. Not
many spectators came by to view our carriage displays. Maybe the weather
kept everyone in the cool air in the house.
 July 10th John Miles sponsored a drive out to Riverbend Park in Findlay, OH.
What a great turnout that was. Beautiful weather and 8 or 9 turnouts. We had a
nice potluck then everyone took off and went driving. They got to see a brand new
covered bridge that they built over the Blanchard River. John would like to thank
everyone for coming out and being a part of this with him and wants to give a special
thanks to everyone that helped him unload and load his carriage up. And also thanks
a big one to Dale for getting John Miles and John Hunter out of the mud.
 Angie and Al had to cancel their drive that was supposed to be on July 18th.
Hopefully they can reschedule that one. I will keep you posted. On August 14th
the club will be taking off and going to Grabill, Ind. This is amish country. Lots
of stores and things to do. Then we are all planning on stopping for lunch and
visiting. This drive is being sponsored by Will Stevenson.
 August 21st is the annual "Backstreet Days" in Findlay, Oh. This will be at
the Historical Society. There will be old time cars and carriage displays. The
museum will even be open for you to take a tour. There will be a chicken BBQ
dinner available for a price. We will also be giving carriage rides, so come on
out and enjoy yourselves and check it out.
 September 26th we will be having a drive in Tiffin, Oh at the Coonhunter's
Club. This is a nice drive. Lots of hills and beautiful scenery to look at. This
is sponsored by Roger and Sue Murray.
 October 9th and 10th is the Cornhusker's in Upper Sandusky, Oh at the
Wyandot County Fairgrounds. There will be lots to do. Fun and games. We
will have our annual fleamarket so if you have any stuff you would like to get
rid off drop it off. We are even going to attempt a cake walk with horses. Just
llike the cake walks we had in elementary school.
 October 30th Julie will be having a Halloween drive at her place. There will be
a bonfire, hayrides,hotdogs and even smores. So come join the fun.
 In November will be our annual end of the year banquet. We still have to find
a place to hold this. Time is running out. SO if you have any ideas or any
suggestions for anything please don't hesitate to let me know.
 As always be safe and enjoy the warm weather. Keep on driving winter will
be here before you know it. Like it or not.