December 2000 News

By Fred Thompson

  Hello everyone.  Here we are in the last month of the year.  Hard to believe isn't it.  It's probably a good thing that December isn't the
greatest month for driving.  This has to be the busiest month of the year.  All the Christmas shopping, decorating and what ever else you do
for the holidays.  There are probably more family traditions at Christmas than any other time of the year.  Those SPECIAL foods that are
only made at Christmas time.  Those SPECIAL decorations that may have been handed down to you by some one SPECIAL that has to be hung just so on the tree or over the fireplace. That SPECIAL warmth, that SPECIAL feeling you get when you gather with family and friends that is
different than any other time of the year. Let's face it, December is a SPECIAL month.  So lets start a tradition and tell family and friends just how SPECIAL they are to you.

Jingle bell, horses tails
Fillies run like deer
If I can't catch her this last time
My eyes will fill with tears

  We have to go way back to October 29th for our last drive of the season.  It was held at Mark and Marla Newman's new residents south of
Arlington.  I don't think anyone could have asked for a more beautiful fall day. The sun was bright, the temperature was warm, the food was
plentiful, and the drive was delightful.  I ask you, how can you top that?  There were 27 adults and 4 children that showed up to enjoy the day.    The five turnouts that went out on the drive were filled with passengers ready to enjoy the scenery and the last of the fall colors. Sue Murray said the highlight for her was when they flushed a pheasant and it flew right over their head.  I hope everyone kept their heads down and their mouths shut.
  There isn't much new news to report.  Nothing went on in the first half of November to write about.  If you made it to the annual banquet,
I hope you had a great time.  Hopefully you had enough to eat and enough time to visit with friends that you may have not seen since last year's



LeighteyforCorral.jpg (52323 bytes)

Hello everyone.  We are Ann and Wayne Leightey of rural Upper Sandusky, Ohio. We have never known a life that has not involved horses.  As early as 1939, Wayne was farming with horses.  We were invited to the opening meeting of Black Swamp Driving Club, but at that time we decided we wouldn't have the time.  We regret not joining then.  We still have no time, but we do what we can and go when we can. We love the comradre of the Black Swamp Driving Club.
  We raised eleven kids, four girls and seven boys. All of them know how to ride and drive.  All of them went 10 years in 4-H.   I have 13 years
and Wayne has 30 years as advisors. We were horse advisors for Spurs-N-Spokes 4-H club for 13 years.  We started the club in 1982 and
abolished it in 1995. We were made honorary members of the Wyandot County 4-H Club in 1996. All our girls took their 4-H horse project with
them when they got married and all of them still have horses today.  Our oldest son, Dan is a farrier.
 We have 11 Appaloosa horses and one Shetland pony.  They all ride and drive.  Our son, Matt's 4-H horse "Buck" was foaled on our farm and is
still there after 30 years.  The Shetland pony belongs to our daughter Dayna Pahl, and she is also 30 years old.  "Chanco" our main driving
horse up until last year is 25 and his sister "Will Kat" (his team partner) is 28 years old.  Our stallions are 20 and 26 years old.  In a
perfect world some of these wonderful animals will be going to Horse Heaven and we wouldn't have so many.  All of these horses were bred and
foaled on our farm and have gone to the Wyandot County Fair every year of their lives. The current horses being used the most are Ann's "Babe
Ruth" and Wayne's  "Buster".  We recently went on a 5 hr, 13 mile trail ride with family and friend at Mohican State Park.   It was the day
after our children surprise us with a buggy ride in our own buggy to our surprise 30th wedding anniversary party.  There was 93 guest that helped
us celebrate our anniversary at the St. Mary's School.  (10/28/00)
  Our "carriage" collection started in 1975 when I bought a natural wood finished spring wagon for Wayne for Christmas.  It has since been
restored three times.  In 1977 we took a running gear with rubber tire to Alvin J. Raber of A&D Buggy, Mt Hope.  Alvin transformed it into a
two-seat surrey.  In 1979 Alvin gave Wayne the fringe top for it as a retirement present.  Our Doctor buggy or Top buggy was bought at an
auction in New Riegel, Ohio.  Anna Keim of Fredricksburg, Ohio restored the buggy, and then Woodlyn Coach, Mt Hope, Ohio did the top.  Our
courting buggy was made by our son, Christopher his last year of school.  We also have a party wagon that seats 10 and a grain wagon.
Wayne used the grain wagon and a team of horses to take soybeans to the elevator several years ago.  He also logged out our woods with it and a
team then used this wagon and team to haul the firewood home. The latest vehicle is a white Auto Top Surrey that we purchased from Ivan
Burkholder of Woodlyn Coach, Mt Hope, Ohio.
  Wayne retired from Sohio in 1979 and works on the family farm. We live in the house that Wayne was born in.  Wayne has been a member of
Appaloosa Horse Club since 1978 and rode with the Wyandot County Mounted Posse for 20 years.  He also has given buggy rides for the past 20
years.  We drove for Alvin Raber of A&D Buggy for about five year, picking up and delivering carriages all over the country.  The farthest
trip was to California.   I can be found five days a week at the Corner Inn restaurant in downtown Upper Sandusky where I love waitressing.  I
also was an outrider for the harness races at the Wyandot County Fair for 27 years.  We have twenty-nine grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and one on the way (April).


December 12        Paula Miller
December 18       Mark Newman
December 18       Rachel Franz
December 28       Sheryl Pore
January  4            Abby Hohenbrink
January 18           Sandy Young
January 19           Virginia Secrist
January 22           Roger Higgins Jr.
January 30           Katie Thompson