Black Swamp Driving Club December 2001 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

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Pictured are members of the BSDC enjoying this years Longaberger
Carriage Classic.  From left to right: Patty and George Schudel from
Metamora, John and Sara Hunter from Carey and Mary Elliott from Galion
and with her is Patrick Bisel of Mansfield.


   Hi everyone. Welcome to December.  Such a joyous month this is.  Yes, now we can start celebrating Christmas the way it is suppose to be. Now we can do our Christmas shopping, sing our favorite Christmas carols and doing all the baking and cooking that is associated with this time of the year.  Now is when I can really get into the Christmas spirit.  I've heard lots of people say that Christmas is for the kids and here is one "big" kids that agrees.  If you think about it, if it wasn't for us big kids the spirit of Christmas wouldn't be passed on to the little kids to have memories to pass on to their kids. So you see, as long as there are kids, young and old, there will be Christmas.  Come on, don't be an ol' Scrooge, lets do our part and let the "kid" come out in all of us and get in the Christmas spirit.  Show the little kids what Christmas is supposes to be all about.

   There is really not much to talk about this month.  The club activities are pretty much over for this year.  I wouldn't be able to
report on the annual banquet until next month since it falls after the due date for the Corral.  So I thought I would take a quick look back and see what went on this year.   We had twelve events this year.  There were six club sponsored drives and events that don't fall into the "club-sponsored drives" category, like Kentucky Horse park, Longaberger Carriage Classic, Kenton 4th of July parade, The State Corn Husking Contest, the La Rue Sesquicentennial parade and our "horseless" picnic at the Wharton Park.  I don't know about anyone else but I think that makes for a very successful and fun filled driving season.   Out of all of these, we had one event that had rain and couldn't drive but still held the potluck.  Then we had one that had to be canceled all together.  So come on sports fans lets figure this out.  With all the HOME RUNS hit this year and only getting shut out once, we should have made the record books.  We had a season record of 10-1-1 and a league record 5-0-1.  I think in anyone's books that is considered a winning season.  With all our BIG HITTERS returning next year and having "drafted" some new talent for next year, I think we have a shot at the Pennant.  Don't you?

  I would like to apologize for having such a short report this month. I do have one more thing to say in the last letter of year 2001.  From my family to all the families of the BLACK SWAMP DRIVING CLUB:



December 4      Judd Porter
December 11    Kevin Deck
December 12    Dolph Courchaine
December 12    Paula Miller
December 15    Steve Knight
December 17    Russel Huston
December 18    Cheryl Crossman
December 18    Susan Murray
December 18    Mark Newman
December 18    Rachel Franz
December 28    Sheryl Pore
December 31    Gordon Hildreth

January  4         Abby Hohenbrink
January  7         Tim Evans
January 18        Sandy Young
January 19        Virginia Secrist
January 21        Renee Walker
January 22        Roger Higgins Jr.
January 25        Patrick Bisel
January 27        Linda Gardner
January 30        Katie Thompson
January 31        Glenn Knight
January 31        Marshal Evans

Black Swamp Driving Club