December 2002 BSDC News

By Fred Thompson

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Hello everyone.  Here we are in December.  It is hard to believe that another year is almost over. December has to be the busiest time of the year.  Counting all of the hussle-bussle with Christmas shopping. All of the decorating that goes along with the season.  All the get together with family and friends.  All that extra-special cooking and baking. There is hardly a spare moment to sit down and just relax.  If and when you do, this is the time that some people like to sit back and do a
little reminiscing.  I guess I'm a little the same way.  So lets look back and see what the club has done this year.  If I counted correctly, we had nine drives scheduled for the year of 2002.  As in the past, this year was no different.  The weather plays a big part in the success of the drives. Unfortunately the Walkers pulled the short straw this year and got rained out.  This is something that none of us like to see.  The people that put on drives give a lot of time and effort so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves.  I think we owe all these folk that put on a drive this year a big THANK YOU for making our driving season enjoyable.

    We also had a couple of drives that added a new twist to our normal type of drives.  The Hohenbrink's incorporated their drive with the Henry County Draft Horse Fun Show and the Murrays hosted a drive that included the Western Reserve Carriage Association.   In April we held our second annual safe driving clinic.  I think our club members enjoy getting together and putting this on.  All in hopes that we can help someone new to the sport of driving have a safe and wonderful time driving their horse.

   All in all, I'd have to say that this year was a very successful year. We had lots of fun driving, great fellowship and some of the finest potlucks that ever touched the lips of hungry horse people.   I am sure that all of us are looking forward to more of the same for next year.

   If there was one dark cloud that followed us around this year was the fact that Gerald and Marilyn Racey missed so much of it.  This was not a good year for them, but we wish them the best.   Hurry back!  We've missed the warmth of your smiles and cheerfulness of your laughter.  We hope to see you both real soon.

   Now lets look back a month or so and look at our last drive of the season.  Mark and Marla Newman hosted this drive on October 27th.  It turned out to be a great day for a drive.  A little cool and cloudy but never the less a very nice day.  The potluck couldn't have been better with a wide selection of food that would satisfy any ones culinary tastes. There were a total of 26 members that was there to enjoy the food and socializing. What a great way to warm the body and soul.  After the food and fellowship, the desire for a leisurely drive was just too strong to hold off any longer. There were 6 turnouts that took to the quite country roads to enjoy cool seasonal weather and wonder at some of the last  fall colors of the driving season.  What a wonderful way to end the driving season for the Black Swamp Driving Club.

   Now that the driving season for 2002 is over, it is not too early to start thinking about 2003.  The calendar is already starting to form and dates for drives will begin to be added.

   It was announced at the Newman drive that pass member Tom Gilcher died at the age of 85.  I'm sure some of the older members remember Tom.  I remember standing in the rain with many other BSDC members the day of his auction.  This was just prior to him going into the nursing home.  Harvey and Doris Fairchild sent me a newspaper clipping about
Tom.  The heading reads "Raising ponies was retired teacher's great love."  Taking pieces out of the article, it stated that he owned ponies for 50 years.  Tom founded the Bits and Harness pony Club where he lived and was also a member of the BSDC.  His son, Marion said " Anyplace there was a parade he was there."  To his family our deepest sympathy.

   Now on the lighter side, I want to congratulate Joe Bell on his retirement.  November 15 was his final day of work.  Yea, Right.  Joe, you just went from work with pay to a nonpaying job with fewer coffee breaks.  I'll bet your "HONEY DO LIST" has already reached such gigantic proportions that they had to be set up into volumes.  I can just see them now.  VOL. I --HONEY DO WHEN IT's NICE OUTSIDE, VOL. II--HONEY DO WHEN ITS RAINY, VOL. III--HONEY DO WHEN HONEY' HOME, AND VOL. IV--HONEY DO WHEN HONEY IS NOT HOME.  Poor Joe, Poor-poor Joe.   Maybe-just maybe Ann will still give you holidays off.   If not, don't expect any holiday pay.  Another thing, don't try calling in sick.  Those days are over.

   I guess the only positive thing I can say about retirement is that I've never talked to anyone that was sorry that they did retire. CONGRADULATIONS

   Last but not least.  From all of the officers and directors     Merry Christmas


December 12      Dolph Courchaine
December 18      Cheryl Crossman
December 18      Susan Murray
December 18      Mark Newman
December 28      Sheryl Pore
January  4          Abby Hohenbrink
January 18         Sandy Young
January 21         Renee Walker
January 22         Roger Higgins Jr.
January 25         Patrick Bisel
January 30         Katie Thompson
Calendar of Events for 2003

*Jan. 12.Meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church
*Feb.   9 .Meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church
*Mar.  9..Meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church

* Denotes a club sponsored event