December BSDC Newsletter  


I hate to be the one to report this, but the club's founder, Henry Zumfelde passed away on November 10th, 2009. I don't have any more information then that, but we are all truly

sorry for his family's loss. Henry was a wonderful man and we all appreciate that he founded our club. He will be sadly missed.
     The end of a good year is here. Hate to say it, but it's true. We have had many good
times and look foward to more next year.
     I'd like to recap the drives we had this year and I'm posting some pictures from some
of those and I hope I don't leave someone out. If I do, I am sorry.
    On April 19th, we held our annual Safety Clinic at the Hancock County Fairgrounds. We
had a really good turn out. We all learned alot and we gained some new members. On
May 9th was the annual Higgins drive held in Hepburn, Oh. This is my favorite drive of all.
It was so windy and cold that day. We had alot of people show up, but not too many rigs
went out on the road. A few of them braved the weather. This is the famous amish drive.
On May 16th, we all loaded up and went down to Orient, Oh. to Green's Heritage Village.
This was something else. He has so much stuff to look at. Even an old White Castle
building. We didn't get to have any sliders, but hey we can't have everything we want in
life. Right?
     On June 13th, we had the Upper Sandusky Carriage Days held at the Wyandot
County Museum Historical Society. This was sponsored by John and Sara Hunter. Even
though it rained off and on, everyone still had fun and it turned out to be a good day. Gary
even got his picture on the front page of the Upper paper and the Kenton paper.
     July 19th in Hamler, Oh was Angie and Al's funday. This was at their house and this also was a good turnout. John and I missed this drive, but hopefully next year they will
have it again and we can go. Henry was in attendance at this drive and I have submitted
a picture of him on a two wheeled cart. August 1st was Jenny Secrists drive at her
woods. This was in Fremont,Oh. August 22nd, was the Annual Backstreet Days held at
the Hancock County Historical Society in Findlay, oh. The was sponsored by John Miles,
and we had a great turnout. Again, it was a little chilly, but we just bundled up. Roger
and Sue Murray even got their picture in the Courier.
     September 27th was Roger and Sue Murray's drive in Tiffin, Oh at the Coonhunter's
club,. This drive was awesome. The hills, the fall colors, the scenery was just beautiful.
This was held along with the Western Reserves, so we thank them for inviting us along.
    October 10th and 11thb was the annual Cornhuskers at the Wyandot County Fairgrounds in Upper Sandusky, Oh. It was chilly, wet, windy,and cold. We had about
eight turnouts and we raised alot of money with out flea market and carriage rides that
went towards the club. We all bundled up and had a good time.
    November 14th was our annual end of the year banquet that we held at The Plaza in
Mt. Victory, Oh. Great turnout and great time with the auction.
     I would like to thank everyone for the pictures, the ideas and overall the honor of
being your reporter. I have enjoyed it and have tried my best to please everyone. We have
ended the year with twelve article written and twelve articles that have been published.
This was my goal as your reporter and for the Club. We have achieved that goal.
thank you to everyone! It's been a busy and wonderful year and I am looking foward to
next year as your reporter.