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Officers and trustees for year 2000 are (left to right) Seated Sandy
Young, Sue Murray-Secr-Treas, Roger Higgins- Vice President.   Standing
Fred Thompson-Reporter, Mark Newman, Gerald Racey, and Mike

February 2000 News, by Fred Thompson

Hi everyone.  Well February is here already.  For the people like myself that don't really like winter, it means one month closer to warm weather and the dreams of a wonderful driving season. January 9th was our first meeting of the year.  I think there is a direct relationship between nice weather and the number of people that
are willing to venture out to a meeting January.  The weather was nice and we had 31 people at the meeting.

 While most of the members enjoyed the snacks and refreshments the trustees met in another room to elect the officers and discuss various topics of interest and importance.  After a short meeting everyone met back in the main room and Mark Newman opened the meeting to the all members. A big THANK YOU was given to the out going trustees-Peg Graham, Linda Spears and Roger Murray.  The new officers for year 2000 are: President- Mike Cook, Vice President--Roger Higgins, Secretary-Treasurer -- Sue Murray and Reporter- Fred Thompson.  Trustees are Sandy Young, Mark Newman and Gerald Rasey. A job well done goes out
to Mark Newman for carrying the President gavel for two years.  Thanks Mark.

 Sue Murray gave an impressive Treasury report.  With the increase in membership and a couple of very successful auctions, our finances are in good shape for another year.

  Mark went around the room and asked for drive dates and dates of other events of interest.  These will be listed later in the articles.  Gary Gillfillan brought up the idea of holding just a picnic during the hot part of the year.  No horses just a relaxing afternoon. The subject came up about a possible clinic some time this winter.  If things materialize the date and location will be in the Corral.  There will be no meeting for February, so watch the Corral for the March meeting date and place. With business out of the way for now, the meeting was adjourned.


February 3 Linda Spears
February 8 Ken Davis
February 13 Al Hohenbrink
March 1 Marilyn Rasey
March 2 Janet Burghardt
March 2 Wayne Leightey
March 11 Diana Darbyshire


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