BSDC Feb 2004 Newsletter

By Heather Bonifas



Hello, from the Black Swamp Driving Club.  HERE ARE THE NEW OFFICERS FOR THIS YEAR, new reporter Heather Bonifas reporting:


President, Peg Graham  2112 Shupp Rd.  Bucyrus, Ohio 44820 Ph: 419/562/6995

Vice President, Tom Shapler 9452 Devil’s Hole Rd.  Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 

Ph: 419/833/1282

Treasurer/ Corral Membership, Angela Hohenbrink D 529 Road 10 Hamler, Ohio 43524 Ph: 419/274/6435

Secretary, Julie Emmons 9863 Harding Hwy. La Rue, Ohio 43332 Ph: 740/499/3382

Corral Reporter, Heather Bonifas 15105 Landeck Rd. Delphos, Ohio 45833

Ph: 419/695/8305 or 419/303/5622 (cell)

Directors, Mark Newman, John Hunter, and Fred Thompson


First things, first, thank you to all of our outgoing board members that completed their terms!  We could not have done it without you all.  In addition, congratulations to all of the incoming board members - be steadfast and faithful to your duties.

            Speaking of new board members, I need to introduce myself as your new reporter.  My family (consisting of my husband Larry and our daughters Mallory, Jeanalle, Morgan) and I live outside of Delphos, Ohio in the village of Landeck.  Landeck has all of the necessities of any respectable town: a school, a church, a foundation business (D&D Grain), and the obligatory tavern.  The Landeck Tavern, renamed Caballero’s, is world famous for it’s chicken baskets (well, almost!).  However, this town is so small if you blink you will have passed by all it has to offer!  We are farmers of the land.  Larry delights in anything mechanical and I delight in anything furry. Horses, dogs, cats, etc…

            To start out the new year of 2004 (can you believe it?!),  we met at the church in Findlay, Ohio.  Roger Higgins, Sr. called the meeting to order, Sandy Young gave the secretary’s report, and Angie Hohenbrink gave the treasurer’s report.  Newly elected board members met while the rest of us ate goodies and shared warm fellowship. There were 33 in attendance.  We were reminded that Marilyn Rasey is continuing her stay in the rest home.  Please keep her in your prayers.   Please send Gerald and Marilyn any well wishes to their home address.

            Our upcoming winter meeting dates will be on February 8, March 14, and April 18 at the church.  There will be a meeting for officers and board members only on

February 7th at 6:00 pm at the Woodland restaurant in Findlay, Ohio.

            The driving season is coming-not soon enough for my taste though!

Here are the dates to keep in mind:

*May 16 – Secrist drive

June 4,5,6  -Carriage Roundup, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

*June 19 - Emmons/Higgins Amish drive

September 11- Sauder Village hosted by Henry ZumFelde

*September 26 - Murray drive

*October 3 – Higgins/Emmons drive

*October 9, 10 – Corn Huskers drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter

*Represents a club sponsored drive


While you have your calendar out and pencil scratching, here are some other dates of interest: February 4,5,6 the Eastern States Draft horse and Sale will be at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus.  March 9-13 there will be the Draft Horse and Carriage sale in Mt.Hope. And while we’re at it, mark down the Topeka, IN sales on April 15,16, 17 and again on June 17,18, 19.  We will keep you posted on any other dates of interest.

      During this month of February, say a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:

(2) Chayton Newman, (3) Linda Spears, (7) Ross Knight, (8) Ken Davis,

(10) Peter Bisel, (13) Al Hohenbrink, (14) Jessie Evans, and (21) Jim Ruffing.

Sorry if I have missed anyone; update me if possible.

      As I conclude my first report, here are some words of wisdom.  Don’t be a stranger to your horse just because it is cold outside.  A little brushing and hoof picking is always a great way to stay “in touch” with your fuzzy buddy and it is good for him, too.  Here is one more thing to make you laugh.

“You know you are a horse person when your husband does something nice for you and you say ‘good-boy’ and pat him on the neck!!”    Remember your love this Valentines Day with something nice, as it only comes around once a year if you do and brought up many times a year if you don’t!