Black Swamp Driving Club February 2005 newsletter

By Heather Bonifas

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sweethearts out there!  A new year has begun and we are on our way towards spring.  I know, I know, it is a long way off but there is a light at the end of the long, cold tunnel.  Some of this crazy weather recently has teased me into thinking that it won’t be long until we can break out the carriages soon.  Wishful thinking.  Instead of just waiting for the weather to warm, do a little reading about our chosen sport.  Horse books abound, just check your local bookstore or your library.    Many new and exciting things are in store for us this year, along with the much-anticipated old favorites.  Let me count the ways….

            Connie and Gary Gillfillan have extended their hospitality to offer sleigh rides, if the weather cooperates.  Winter sleigh rides are not out of the question as of yet, so keep your fingers and cold toes crossed for snowy (not icy) weather.

My thoughts go out to all of those people who suffered as a result of the recent ice storm and the tsunami.   My sincere hope is that things will get back to normal as soon as possible.  I believe things happen for a reason.  Maybe we are reminded by the temporary loss of luxuries (like electricity) how really blessed we are under normal circumstances.  Remember, there are millions of people suffering.  Pray for others.

New officers were elected at the January meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Findlay, Ohio.  Please check the box above for the list of new names and board members. Thank you to Roger and Sue Murray for the video entertainment during the elections.

Here are a couple polite reminders for the upcoming year:

1)                 Please give information about upcoming drive to me two months ahead so that there is ample time to get the word out in the Coral.

2)                 If you have a drive, carry it through, if there are unforeseen changes, please notify others as soon as possible. (This was a personal request by a member)

Get out the calendars!  Here are some upcoming events of interest:

The following is a list of tentative dates for drives this year.  If you have any to add, please do so at February’s meeting or call me.

Shaplers – no date has been set

Angie Hohenbrink - possibly Father’s Day

 Roger Higgins, Jr. and family – Amish Drive

Roger and Sue Murray – Sept.25, with Western Reserve at Coonhunter’s lodge

John and Sara Hunter – Cornhuskers State Competition, Sandusky Oct. 14, 15

Roger Higgins, Sr., Jr. and family plus John and Sara Hunter – no date yet

Henry ZumFelde – Sauder Village

Overnight Drive?  no date set

Charlie Poppie – Lexington, KY Horse park Carriage Round up June 3,4,5

(We will be talking more about this at the March meeting)

Driving Digest – Lexington, KY Horse park October 6,7,8


Other dates of interest:

Clinic – Lima, Ohio at Fetter Farm- April?

Mid-Ohio Carriage & Draft Horse Sale – Mt. Hope, Ohio March 8-12.  Carriage sale on the 8th at 5PM. This is not just for draft horses; every driver will have something of interest.

Topeka, Indiana Carriage and Livestock Auction – March 15-18


Attention: The Carriage Association of America (CAA) has moved headquarters from New Jersey to the Kentucky Horse Park.  They welcome you to an open house in April.  More information will follow.


Angie Hohenbrink has generously offered to bring videos to our winter meeting at Trinity.  They will be approx. 20-30 minutes long.  I look forward to watching!

 Board meetings will be scheduled for the Saturday before the Sunday meetings.  The next one is scheduled for February 12, 2005 at 6PM at Henry’s restaurant in Kenton, Ohio.

The next regular meeting is Sunday, February 13th at 2PM at Trinity church in Findlay, Ohio.  March 13th, and April 10th are the last two winter meetings; same time, same place.

Take the second exit (coming on I75 N or S) to the Waffle House, turn right at the light and follow the road a couple of miles until you see the church on the right. Need more information?  Please call a member.

Remember, as I stated in the last article, as a club we welcome friends and new members.  If you are interested, please contact a board member for information.


Just one last thought, coming from a woman.  Men, don’t pass up this opportunity to show your love the appreciation you feel for her presence in your life.