February 2007 BSDC Newsletter


Happy New Year it's 2007!  A new year of horsin' around.  Hello my name is Brandy Eckard.  I have been a member of Black Swamp Driving Club for 14 years and this year I will be serving you as the 2007 club reporter.  I will be updating you on club events and special news, my contact information, if you need to get a hold of me is guysnwranglers@cheerful.com or at 740-225-9125.  Please if you need to post anything such as a drive or directions I will need the information by the fifth of the month prior to the event, so it gives me time to incorporate it into the article.  So lets get started, due to the holidays, and the cutoff date was cut off before the scheduled meeting, this is all the information I have to give at this time.

At the annual meeting the following members are listed on the board of directors for the 2007 year, Roger Higgins Jr., Roger Higgins Sr., Gary Gillfilland, Joe Bell, Sandy Young, Joanne Shapler and Tom Shapler.  The officers for the 2007 year will be elected at the January meeting.  A special thank you to all who helped out with the annual banquet held on November 4 at Mt Cory Masonic Lodge.  The food was excellent.  This year's winner of the Black Swamp Driving Club directors chairs were Darlene Higgins and Mary Elliot.  Thanks you everybody for making the auction a success and to Joe Bell thanks for telling us when our bids were too high.

Here are a few meeting dates to remember February 11, March 11 and April 15 (a safety meeting pending.)  The meetings will be held at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Findlay, the time is 2 - 4 pm, don't forget a yummy snack.  Also please think about you 2007 club events so we can compile a calendar of events together.


He knows when you're happy

He knows when you're comfortable

And he always knows when you have carrots


The wagon rest in the winter, the sleigh in the summer, the horse never


All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me all day.

authors unknown