Feb. 2009 BSDC Newsletter


 Hi I can't believe it is 2009 already. Time for us to make sure our horses

are healthy and our horse drawn vehicles are ready to go for the driving
     First off, I would like to apologize for the misprint of Directors in the
January Issue of the Corral. Our new Directors  for the 2009 year are as
follows: Julie Emmons, John Hunter and Tom Shapler.
     Our February meeting will be held on February 8th at 2pm at the Good
Hope Luthern Church in Arlington, Oh. It is located on the south end of town
near the school. Attending that meeting will be Bob Buroughs. He will
discuss the CDE in 2009. He will also discuss how the CDE works. He will be
available to answer any questions we might have. Details can be seen at
     If we get plenty of snow in February, the Gillfilland's will hold their
annual sleigh rally. It will be held on a Sunday, but if temperatures get too
cold they will let us know by Friday if that event will take place.
     Angie recently mailed and emailed surveys out to all of us trying to get
our feedback on what we would like to see more of in the club. The winning
answer was more pleasure drives and more driving games. If you have any
ideas please let her know.
     The annual Cornhuskers Festival held in Upper Sandusky will be Oct 10th
and 11th. Bring your donated food items for the mulligan stew. Also bring along
items you dont want or no longer use anymore for the flea market.
     Always remember your horses need extra care in the winter time. Due to walking around on slippery surfaces, you should always keep a first aid kit
available. A Vetrap has many uses from wrapping tails to holding dressings on
wounds. With your first aid kit you should also keep on hand sterile saline
solution to wash out the cuts or scrapes they can get. Due to falling temperatures
in the winter, a horses joints will begin to ache. So try to have a joint
supplement on hand for those occasions.
     You also need to provide adequate shelter for your horses. It lets them get
in and out of the weather. They need some cold air to breathe to keep them
getting respiratory problems. Water is most essential during the winter. When
the water turns to ice, then the horses can't drink. That is when you should
invest in de-icers or heated water buckets. You should also be giving them
extra hay, but don't over feed them that leads to laminitis in you horse by
     And most importantly, hoof care. Hooves are still growing in the winter.
Due to horses traveling on frozen uneven ground, that leads to cracks and
and breaks the horses hooves. Have their shoes removed and hooves
trimmed before you turn them out in the winter. You should then keep
them trimmed on a regular basis. It ensures you by springtime,your horse
will have sound hooves and will be capable of holding a shoe. So let's
give our horses a lookover and keep them  healthy.
     If anyone has any drives to report or events please send me an email at
john_and_steph06@yahoo.com. I would also like to have any pictures
anyone would like to have in the corral that goes with their event. Thank you.