Fred Thompson

  Well, it's here.  A New Year and a new century.   I hope no one had
any major problems with the coming in of the New Year.  I have to admit
I am glad it's over and everyone can get back to normal.
  On Nov. 20th, the annual meeting was held at Sauder in Archbold, Oh.
Seventy-five people attended with quite a few taking Henry zumFelde's
advice and looked at the covered bridge at Lockport.  I for one went and
must say I was impressed.  Of course, I said one of my typical DUMB
statements while I was at the bridge.  Here I am standing on a brand new
covered bridge saying, Boy they don't make bridges like this any more.
    Any way, for the members that couldn't make it to the meeting, you
missed a good one.  The room was large and off by itself.  The food was
buffet style and was right in the room.  I, for one, thought the food
was very good.  After all, you don't go back for seconds and thirds if
the food isn't good.
  Gary Gillfillan got up and presented Henry and Becky zumFelde with
matching diamond rings for there years of dedication, support and help
in the founding and growth of the Black Swamp Driving Club.  Oh, did I
say diamond rings-I meant Dime-on-rings. OK, so the dollar value isn't
there, but they couldn't
have been given with any more sincerity and love as they were given
Saturday night.
  Once most people were done eating, Mark Newman opened the meeting.
The first thing on the agenda was the elections of next year's
trustees.  I'm pleased to say that the new trustees for next year are as
follows: Roger Higgins---1 yr.
              Sue Murray------3yr
              Mike Cook-------3yr
   The door prizes were drawn next. Nathan Strasbaugh helped Joe Bell by
pulling the names out of the hat. The Black Swamp towel set was won by
Paul zumFelde.  The free Black Swamp Membership went to Pat Schudel.
The three hats were won by Dave Kuhlman, Louise Kuhlman and Willis
  Next came the auction.  I was impressed at the number of items that
was donated. The Grandpa-Grandson team of Joe Bell and Nathan Strasbaugh
once again worked the auction ring with the smoothness of a fine tuned
  At the meeting I mentioned a couple of things I would like to start in
the monthly report.  One of them was a birthday list. I'm planing to
show two months at a time.  To the members that missed the meeting, if
you can get with me and tell me your birthday (no year necessary) I will
add them to the list.  Come on don't be bashful.

4-Jan       Abby Hohenbrink
18-Jan     Sandy Young
19-Jan     Virginia Secrist
22-Jan     Roger Higgins Jr.
30-Jan     Katie Thompson

3-Feb     Linda Spears
5-Feb     Sara Hunter
8-Feb     Ken Davis
13-Feb   Al Hohenbrink
16-Feb    John Hunter

  The other thing I wanted to start was a member profile.  I would like
to have one in the Corral every month.  This is just a way of getting
acquainted.  There will be a mix of old members and new.  So don't wait
for me to ask you, just write them up and send them in.  You can either
send them to me or Angie Hohenbrink. (Check for our addresses, e-mail
address and phone number at the end of article) These profiles will also
be on our Web Page.  You may see yourself on the web before you see your
profile in the Corral simply because the Corral comes out just once a
month and Angie can up date the Web Page anytime with as many profiles
as she gets.  

 The January meeting will be at the Trinity Lutheran Church on W.
Bigelow in Findlay, Oh.  It will be on Jan. 9th between 2pm and 4pm.
Directions:  From 224, go west over I-75 to the first light which is
Northridge Rd. (Cracker barrel Restaurant is on the corner), turn right
and go to the end.  The church will be on your right.  Please bring
snacks to share and coffee and punch will be provided.

  Remember to send in those profile.  Send to:

Angie Hohenbrink                         Fred Thompson
 D529 Road 10                             17804 TH 23
Hamler, OH 43524                        Carey, OH 43316
419\274-6435                               Phone 419\387-7186                           e-mail -Fred&