January 2002 BSDC Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hello everyone and welcome to year 2002. At this point in time I see no reason that this shouldnít be a great year for carriage driving. Iím not sure if we have any Chinese in our club but if we did, Iím sure that they would tell us that year 2002 is the year of the horse. Iím not sure of all of the under lying meanings are, but if it has anything to do with horses, Iím all for it. I always like looking at those place mats that you get at a Chinese restaurant. I found out that I was born in the year of the rat. Of course Sue and Katie like to remind me of this from time to time. Of course Katie likes to call me a grumpy old Bear too. I wonder if theyíre tiring to tell me something. I never was very good at those kind of guessing games. Oh well.

Since there was nothing going on in December but to get ready for the holidays, we have to skip back to November 17th. That was the date of our annual banquet and meeting. As all of you know, it was held at Henryís in Kenton this year. If you werenít there you missed a great evening. There were sixty-two adults and six kids in attendance.

President Joe Bell welcomed everyone and if you know Joe, you know there had to be a joke in there somewhere. Joe then turned it over to Vice-President Roger Higgins. Roger had a few words about the year and the driving season. Not wanting to let Joe get ahead of him in the humor department threw in a joke of his own. Actually Roger said he had a nice long speech prepared (must be his underlying desire to be a politation), but knowing everyone was ready to eat decided to cut it short.

Now lets talk about one of my favorite parts of the night. THE FOOD. Henryís did a fine job of preparing and surving this banquet. It is a good thing that there were people there that I was not aquatinted with or I could have shown you what eating was all about. Once again to the people that run Henryís and the people that surved us that night, Great Job. Iím sure that it wonít be the last time Iíll eat there.

After everyone was finishing up their meals, Joe Bell brought the annual meeting to order. Joe asked Sue Murray for the Treasury report for the year. It sounds like the club had a very good year and we will be starting out the New Year in good shape. The next order of bisness was the election of new directors for the year of 2002. There were three members going off so the election was for two-three year terms and one-one year term. Our vote tally was counted by the CPAís from the firm of Gillfillan, Graham and Bell. That means that Connie, Peg and Ann did the counting this year. While the counting was going on, Joe went on to any club business. Henry zumFelde wanted to thank everyone that was able to come to his and Beckyís 60th wedding anniversary party.

When asked what club event we wanted for this year, I think it was unanimous that we hold another clinic in April. There was a good response from last year with a lot of 4-H clubs showing interested in going this year. The picnic looks like a go for 2002 also with Joe, Ann and Nathan hosting it. As long as no unforeseeable circumstances come up there will be Corn Huskers this year at Upper Sandusky. Angie wants to hold a drive in conjunction with the Henry County Draft Horse Club fun show. Gary and Connie will be doing the 4th of July parade at Kenton. Other drives will be hosted by Harvey and Doris Fairchilds, Sandy and Larry Young and gang, Randy and Renee Walker, Mark and Marla Newman and Mary Elliot want to do Malabar Farm again this year. The dates for these drives will be given later when they are for sure. Anyone else that wants to hold a drive this year, please let us know. We will be happy to include you to the list.

With the votes counted I would like to thank the directors that will be leaving this year. You did a great job. Thanks. The new directors for next year will be Tom Shapler and Fred Thompson holding the three year term and Angie Hohenbrink the one year term. They will be joining Sue Murray, Roger Higgins and Gary Gillfillan and Dave Kuhlman to make up the list of directors.

Joe then turned the floor over to Gary Gillfillan for his annual presentation of the DIME-ON-RING award. Iím a little embarrassed to tell the recipient of the ring this year since it was me. I guess it was for this job of reporting the club news each month. When I was up front receiving the ring, some one yelled speech. I dunít whanta to bee ruude but I dunít sppeek too a ghood in pubblick. Yous cee I a likea to letta ma fungers doo ma taukin. When I type I have spelling and grammar check to help me out. Now see, isnít that better? I would like to thank Gary for giving me this ring (You did split the bribe money with Connie, didnít you Gary?) I really appreciate it. I know when I took over this job of reporting, some one asked me if I had ever done any writing. I have to tell you that I do have a degree. I have a B.S. from the Joe Bell School of Journalism. When I took this job over from Joe, I asked him what I should write about. He said (and Iíll never forget those memorable words) when you run out of facts just fill in with the B.S. So that is how I received my B.S. degree. Joe, I Thank You for those inspiring words of wisdom. OK-OK-OK I know when it is time to move on.

Next Joe took the opportunity to introduce Dave McDonald and his wife Eve. For the members that donít know Dave, you might say that he was the hub that made the wheels roll so smoothly down at Longaberger this year. Dave organized the activities and was the person you would see if you needed something. His wife Eve was the person responsible for the beautiful obstacle course this year. Many thanks for all you did to make the Longaberger Carriage Classic memorable this year, and welcome to the BSDC.

Joe then took us all on a trip down memory lane. He went around and had everyone that put on a drive this year give us a little rundown on what went on at their drive. I think everyone had a good time reminiscing about the past and all the fun we had last year. I'm sure no one can hardly wait to make more memories next year.

The last thing to do for the evening was to draw for door prizes. With some of our younger members doing the drawing, Joe handed out the door prizes. They were Louise Kuhlman and Henry zumFelde choosing the towel sets, Don Bisel, Rich Striker, Sara Hunter, and Larry Schreiner picking the BSDC logo hats and Mary Emmons, Ann Bell, Robert Crossman and Ruth Joeshop getting the BSDC logo sweatshirts. Joe went on to thank Sue Murray for getting all the door prize. Sue, you sure picked out great bunch of door prizes. Iím just sorry I didnít get one of them.

That pretty much took care of the evening. I donít think that Iím alone in saying that everyone had a great time. There were too many burst of laughter during the evening for it to be anything else.

We now have to move on to our business for the New Year.

The January meeting will be held at the Trinity Lutheran Church on W. Bigelow in Findlay, Oh. It will be on Jan. 13th between 2pm and 4pm. Directions: From 224, go west over I-75 to the first light which is Northridge Rd. (Cracker barrel Restaurant is on the corner), turn right and go to the end. The church will be on your right. Please bring snacks to share and coffee and punch will be provided.

A NOTE FROM VALERIE SHAPLER: Actually Valerie brought this up at the annual meeting, but I thought it was important enough to give it space outside the other annual meeting news. Valerie wanted to let every one know that the West Niles Virus is in Ohio, and you should be vaccinating for it. It is the type of virus that has to be vaccinated early for. If you wait until your horse has it, it will be too late. Now is the time to do something about it. So ask your vet now and donít wait. Thanks Valerie.

JUST A REMINDER: The member profiles are still alive and doing fine. All anyone has to do is write one and give it to me. I will be most happy to put it in our next club report. Regardless of what you may have heard. Writing a profile will not make you go cross-eyed, or bowlegged and will not give you a case of the hives. The most it will do is make your face turn a little red when someone reads it back to you, but that will clear up in no time. So come on and letís get some profiles in. I know everyone enjoys reading them. Beside what else do you have to do this winter?


January 4 Abby Hohenbrink

January 7 Tim Evans

January 18 Sandy Young

January 19 Virginia Secrist

January 21 Renee Walker

January 22 Roger Higgins Jr.

January 25 Patrick Bisel

January 27 Linda Gardner

January 30 Katie Thompson

January 31 Glenn Knight

January 31 Marshal Evans

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February 3 Linda Spears

February 7 Ross Knight

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February 10 Peter Bisel

Februray 13 Al Hohenbrink

February 14 Jessie Evans

February 21 Jim Ruffing



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