BSDC January Report

By Roger Higgins

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!  Its time to start a new and successful year of driving.  I would like to remind everyone to keep Marilyn Rasey and Gary Gillfillans' mother in our prayers. I received information that Patrick Bisel had an accident, and is recovering at home. Please keep Patrick in our prayers as well.
  We really had a great year in 2003, and now its time to do it again. The next meeting will be on January 11th, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Findlay. It will be held at the Trinity Lutheran Church. From Rt. 224, go over I 75 to the first light, which is North-Ridge Rd. ( there is a Cracker Barrel on the corner) turn Right, and go to the end of the street. The church is on the right. Please remember to bring snacks and goodies, coffee and punch will be provided.  Here is a list of the other meeting dates: February 8th, March 14th, and April 18th, all of the meetings will be at the church.
  Now is a good time to think about hosting a drive. Even though the snow is falling and its cold outside, that will soon change and we need to have our events ready to go. I did speak with Charlie Popie at the Lebanon Parade in December. He advised me that there will be a drive in Lexington, Ky. The dates are June 4th, 5th, and 6th. I will confirm them with Charlie. He also said it would be a weekend just for us, there wouldn't be other events going on around us. I for one am happy to know that Charlie is doing this drive. It is an awesome event. If anyone needs a team of horses, Julie Emmons has a team for sale. They are registered Belgians, red sorrels, they have been in parades, harness is also available. Julie can be reached at 740-499-3382.  
  I would like to thank everyone for a great year, "Thanks" to all the past officers and board members and "congratulations" to the new ones. The next report will have a list of the 2004 officers. I also want to extend an invitation to everyone to come to the meetings. Everyone is welcome, if you are wondering what the club is like or if you want to become a member, call us, the numbers are at the top of the article, or come join us at the meetings. If anyone has information for the Corral, please get it to the reporter as soon as possible. The deadline in the 15th of each month. Please keep "safety" in mind when planning and attending the drives. Now is a good time to make sure your harness and vehicles are safe and ready for the 2004 events. 
  That will do it for this report, I have enjoyed being the reporter for the Club. It's been an experience that I won't forget. You can still let me know your information and I will refer it to the new reporter during the transition period. It has been fun.      Enjoy!