Equine Jounal 1/2011

by Roger Higgins, Jr.


Happy New Year Black Swamp Driving Club!!!  It's the start of a New Year and a new beginning for our club to appear in the Equine Journal. We are looking forward in the new partnership. Since this is a new year, we have a new list of officers. Let me first introduce myself, my name is Roger Higgins Jr. and I will be the new reporter this year. As some of you can recall, I held this office several years ago. I will do my best to keep the membership updated with information and news as it comes into the office. I will be giving my contact information at the end of the article.

Here is a list of the new officers for 2011,
                                                        President: Julie Emmons
                                                        Vice-President: Angie Hohenbrink
                                                        Sec./Treasurer: Jackie Minges
                                                        Reporter: Roger Higgins Jr.
                                                        Board of Directors: Mary Elliott, Sandy Young, and Molly Owen

A BIG "Thank you" to John Hunter, Gary Gillfillan, and Stephanie Miles for their efforts and contributions for serving on the board of directors last term. Your services were much appreciated.

Please feel free to contact the officers with any concerns that you may have. Communication is vital for the club to operate. It takes ALL of us, as a team to be successful.

In the coming months we will be in the process of preparing a list of drives and other events that the club will be participating in. Once they have been established, I will publish the list, and then update it as needed. Please remember, some of the changes may take effect before we can get it in the Equine Journal. The last minute changes will be handled by a phone call to the membership. Sometimes this can not be avoided. Just an note on this subject, the information that I submitted in December will be published in February, so please get the information that you want in the article to me as soon as possible. The date the article has to be submitted is the 15th of each month, so sooner the better. You can send your article to my email address at higgy122@msn.com or call 740-251-7193.

The club will meet at the Good Hope Lutheran Church in Arlington, Ohio which in on Rt. 68, South of Findlay. The meetings are from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.. We would like to start the meetings on time. Here is a list of the meeting dates: January 9th, February 13th, and March 13th, the April meeting we are discussing a Safety Clinic. That will be determined later.

As always, please bring your favorite goodies for a potluck after the meetings. The Black Swamp Driving Club extends to everyone, if you have a horse or not, an invitation to join us. Everyone is welcome!

See you at the meetings!!!