Jewel Carriage Company

Carthage, Ohio

Do’s & Don’ts for your new buggy from their catalog.


Don’t keep your buggy in the same stable with your horses.

Don’t keep you buggy where there are any fumes of ammonia.

Don’t allow mud to dry on your buggy.

Don’t scrape off the mud with a stick or knife.

Don’t wash a buggy with a dirty sponge.

Don’t flood the inside of a buggy with water.

Don’t allow water to dry on a buggy after washing.

Don’t use a new buggy until you have washed it two or three times with cold water.

Don’t use soap or ammonia in washing a buggy.

Don’t drive a buggy with loose tires.

Don’t use a buggy that needs repainting.

Don’t allow top leather to become dry and stiff.

Don’t allow a buggy to stand in the carriage house with top crushed.

Don’t use a duster on varnished work.

Don’t wash a body with the same sponge used on the gear.

Don’t rub oil over your carriage to brighten it up.

Don’t send us repair bills we have not authorized. We will no pay them.


Do wash your buggy as soon as it returns to the barn after being driven through the mud.

Do soften up the mud with water and it will wash off easily.

Do remove all rugs and carpets from the inside of a buggy and dust it out thoroughly before washing.

Do thoroughly dry off the surface of a buggy with a damp chamois after washing.

Do wash a freshly painted buggy two or three times in cold water before using.

Do use cold water only in washing a buggy.

Do have your tires tightened as soon as they become loose. It will save the wheels.

Do have a carriage varnished as soon as it becomes shabby. It saves repainting.

Do keep the top soft and pliable by the use of sweet or sperm oil.

Do keep the top standing when a buggy is not is use.

Do return all defective parts to us for examination and repairs. We do not authorize or pay repair bills.

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