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July 2002, BSDC Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

  Hi everyone.  July is here and I hope everyone is handling the summer weather OK.  It is finally acting like typical Northwest Ohio weather.  Hot and Humid.  Even though I have lived here all my life, I have yet to get use to it.  I have to sometimes wonder why anyone stays around here.  When the temperature and the humidity uses the same digits (like 90 degrees and 90 % humidity), it can be nothing but miserable.

   I only have one drive to write about this month, and that is the drive at the Kentucky Horse Park.  The Carriage Roundup was held May 31 through June 2 this year.  The BSDC had 45 members showing up to enjoy the weekend.  The weather was a little on the warm side with the temperature in the high 80's.  No matter what the situation, people seams to cope.  So there was a lot of driving in the morning and evening with people scampering for the air-conditioned buildings during the heat of the day.  A BIG THANKS goes to Roger Higgins for his foresight in renting a golf cart.  Roger carted people, food, equipment and anything else that needed to move from Point A to Point B or C or D.  If it needed moved, Roger was willing to move it.  Roger even went out on search and rescue missions, if he thought someone out for a drive was taking too long. 

   There was a nice turnout for the tailgate party Saturday noon with 35 BSDC members sharing their goodies as a group.

   Saturday night brought the supper that everyone looks forward to every year.  The buffet was outstanding, with quality and quantity running hand in hand.   With two lines running everything moved along smoothly and quickly.

   President Roger Higgins did a great job presenting the BSDC check to the Kentucky Horse Park.  The contribution was to help the Park to continue promoting driving like they have in the past.

   The CAA had many fine door prizes to hand out Saturday night.  It sounds like members of the BSDC did a fine job becoming recipients of some of these prizes.  A BIG THANKS YOU to the CAA for their generosity.

   All in all, it sounded like people had a great time, the weather was good and the fellowship bountiful.  I'm sure many are looking forward to next year already.

   Now lets look into the future for our upcoming drives.  I hope everyone looked at last months Corral.  If you did, then you will know all about the July 4th parade at Kenton.  It is hosted by the Gary and Connie Gillfillan.

  NOTE ***** THIS PICNIC HAS BEEN CANCELLED!  (Nathan qualified to go to the Ohio State Fair with the pony and they will be leaving on Sunday)  The next drive really will not be a drive but a picnic.  The Bells and Strasbaughs will be hosting our 2nd Annual  horseless drive at the Wharton Park on July 28th.


   Now we come to an update on an update.  Poor Mary Elliott's drive that was reported last month to be September 22 has once again been moved.  It is now scheduled for September 8.  We'll have more on this drive next month providing it isn't changed.


   We have a couple of members that are a little under the weather.  Peg Graham had a little run in with one of her horses and got bruised up pretty bad.  Linda Spears slipped while in the barn and fell against a stall and broke her arm.

   A speedy recovery to both of you.


July 6      Henry zum Felde
July 9      Connie Gillfillan
July 12     Dave Kuhlman
July 12     Tom Shapler
July 14     Doris Fairchild
July 18     Darlene Higgins
July 21     Laura Yaney
July 24     Mariah Stevenson
July 25     Randy Scarbro
July 26     Jeni Knight
July 27     Dashaw Stevenson

August 8       Gene Pore
August 10     Taylor Courchaine
August 11     Mary-Ellen Toth
August 18     Larry Young
August 19     Jessica Yaney
August 28     Gerri Scarbro


*July 4       4th of July parade at Kenton with the Gillfillans
*July 28       Summer Picnic hosted by the Bells
*Aug 25     Drive hosted by the Young's
*Sept. 8     Drive at Malabar Farm, hosted by Mary Elliott
*Sept 15    Drive hosted by the Murray's at Melmore
  Oct 4       Carriage Auction at Topeka, Ind.
*Oct 12 -13  Cornhuskers with the Hunters
*Oct 27        Drive hosted by the Newmans
*Nov. 16   Annual Banquet and Meeting at Schnipke Inn in Ottawa, Ohio
* Denotes a club sponsored event