Black Swamp Driving Club July Newsletter


Oh, my gosh, beautiful… Out of the mouths of babes (mine to be exact, Morgan).  She says this to the many things that catches her eye.  Like the little parrot that she is, Morgan got that saying from me.  That saying sums up what I felt for my second trip to the annual Carriage Roundup at the Kentucky Horse Farm Park, Lexington, Kentucky.  Hosted by Charlie Poppe and Joe and Helen Winfield.  They always do such a wonderful job in organizing this big, special event.  Our club, as well as several others, enjoyed a full weekend of park attractions, get-togethers, lessons, activities, and driving at will.  The weather was nearly perfect.  Yes, there was just a little rain to get us started, but by the time we (my family) were ready to go, it had all passed.  Some air-conditioning junkies may have thought it was a bit too hot, but not I.  I loved it. Driving around the picturesque landscape and trails was (as I stated last year) pure nirvana.  The people at the park, whether they be employees of the park or visitors, were more than hospitable.  I look forward to attending again next year, already.  It’s going to be a long wait! The tailgate dinner on Saturday night was a load of fun (even though we couldn’t get that darned kite to fly).  Our theme of “Just for Fun” did not win any prizes, but we did just that; we had a great time, sharing food, fun and stories of past and present under the welcoming shade trees. The Hawaiian Luau was very creative, as well as the early American theme, complete with musicians.  Both were fantastic to see.  Great going, folks!  I hope we all can meet again next year.

            Our beloved treasurer Angie Hohenbrink hosted a drive June 18 &19 at the Henry County Fairgrounds, Napoleon, Ohio.  This article went to print before that drive so I hope many people took advantage of the drive opportunity and the Hohenbrink hospitality. 


  The next order of business is the July 4th drive at the Hardin County Fairgrounds, Kenton, Ohio.  Please meet under “the tree” in the early afternoon to drive at will on the grounds.  The parade through downtown Kenton will begin at 4pm.  You must bring your own food or get what you need from the midway concessions.  There is also a BBQ dinner available under the grandstand.  Hope to see you there!  Even if you do not plan to take your horse in the parade, come anyway.  I like to bring my horse to just get in some fun driving time around the fairgrounds without the pressure of being in the parade.  My horse is not parade ready, so don’t feel left out if you just come to do as I do, or just to hang out with the club. If your horse is parade ready, by all means pack him/her up and be there (or be square)!

            Roger Higgins, Jr. is hosting his beautiful annual Amish drive in Hepburn, Ohio again this year on July 23.  Please note the changes from last year’s drive.  We will be meeting for the potluck at 12:30 east of town on Wildcat Pike at the Hepburn Sportsmen Club (just down the road from the feed mill.  It is a small town, so you can find this place easily as signs will be posted.  The drive will consist of a total mileage of 8.4 miles. If you do not want to go that far, you can turn around any point and go back the way you came.  However, there is a great turnaround point at 3.6 miles into the drive.  You can do several things on the drive.  There is a General Store, an Amish store that has bulk foods and homemade goodies.  There is a harness shop as well.  The drive will include driving along the river and thru the Amish countryside.  **Please note** bring water for your horses.  We are in a limited area and everything is outside.  For those who are attending the drive, more information is available from Roger Jr. or Julie Emmons.  Contact numbers are as follows: Higgins, 740-499-2589 or cell 740-360-5958. Emmons, 740-499-3382 or cell 740-361-3885.  Here are the general directions:

The village of Hepburn, Ohio is located on Wildcat Pike or Hardin County Road 144.  It is between Marion and Kenton.  We will have signs posted along St. Rt. 309 to get you to the site.  From Kenton, stay on St. Rt. 309 E. to Hardin County Rd. 144, turn south toward Pfeiffer Station.  This will take you to Hepburn, signs will be posted.

From Marion, stay on St. Rt. 309 to Marion County Rd.  Turn left on County Rd. 33;this will take you to Hepburn. Be patient, stay on this road, it is several miles to Hepburn.  There is another option; you can take St. Rt. 37 south past 309 and turn right on to County Rd. 33 to Hepburn.  If you get lost, give us a call.  We want you to have a good time and to have a great turnout!

Here are the dates to look forward to, so mark your calendars:

August 28 – Young family drive (directions will follow in the next issue)

September 10 – Sauder Village drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde

September 25 - Roger & Sue Murray at Coon Hunters Lodge, Tiffin

October 8-9 – Corn Huskers drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter, Upper Sandusky

October 23 – Emmons/Higgins drive at the Covered Bridge

August 6 – Civil War Reenactment at Kenton Fairgrounds hosted by Gillfillans

August 23 – Annual CAA conference, Shelburne Farms near Lake Champlain


Please make an effort to send a card or make a call to the ZumFelde family.  Both Henry and Becky are having some “lameness” (using horsy terms).  They are founding members of our club and sure could use your support (no pun intended).


And to all the fathers out there – Happy Father’s Day!  You deserve it.