WOW! What a great time we all had. The BSDC just returned from the
Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky for the annual Carriage Roundup.
It rained off and on, but it always ended up being a nice sunny day. Minus
the heat and humdity. I think Betty and I took the long drive. We ended up
in a place way out there. We were the very last ones to come back and it
ended up getting dark on us. Thank goodness we had lights. I'm glad we
didn't get lost because there was no one else hitched up to come find us
if we did. We did though have a few people from another club come
looking for us. They were making sure we got back alright. They saw we
got a late start. Thank goodness THEY were concerned. It was a very
nice drive though.
 On Friday night Julie had a weiner roast at her campspot. John and I
didn't make it to that. I found my cousins there in Lexinton that I havn't
seen in over 25 years, so I thought family was more important. Sorry
everyone. We were all invited to come down, but my cousins felt like
intruders and didn't want to intervene. We had our tailgate party on
Saturday afternoon. Our theme was "memories". Our club won for
most original. All due to Angie's very old moldy saddle she found in
the barn, Let' all hear it for Angie "Whoop Whoop". Thanks Angie.
Then we all hitched up and went on our drive. It was a beautiful night.
Then Sunday came and of course we all had to pack up and go home.
I didn't want to leave.
 There are only a few drives to announce for July and August. First
off I know by the time you get this Corral it will be too late, but on
July 3rd at the Hardin County Fairgrounds there will be the Kenton
Old Fashioned Days. This will be held from 12:00pm to 5:00pm.
Period dress is recommended, but if you don't have any that is ok
too. There will be a hog roast and a Bluegrass Band playing so
try to come and check it out.
 On July 10th at the Riverbend Park in FIndlay, Oh. will be John
and Stephenie's drive. The potluck will be at 12:30pm and then
drive afterwards. There is a new covered bridge you can drive
over and you can go along the reservoir and look at the scenic
background and wildlife.
 July 23rd - 25th is the Ohio CDE,. with a Carriages in the Park
Parade on the 25th.
 August 14th we will be going to Grabill, Ind. This drive is being
sponsored by Will Stephenson. Grabill sits in the middle of an
Amish Community. There are so many shops to visit and places
to dine if you get hungry.
 August 21st is the annual "Backstreet Days" held at the Hancock
County Historical Society. There will be a display of old cars dating
from the early 1900's to our carriage display. There will also be
carriage rides given if you would like to come experience one. You
will absolutely love it. There will be a chicken dinner available. Please
call the Historical Society for more information on how to buy your
tickets. The museum will also be open if you would like to come
and do a walk through.
 As always, any ideas on drives or just in general please feel free to
contact me. I check my emails regularly and answer all voicemails.
 Enjoy the warm weather and be safe out there driving. Some
people don't watch out for  you or the horse, so keep your eyes
 Almost forgot...I'd like to wish Roger Higgins Sr. a very happy
birthday. He celebrated it while we were in Kentucky. I didn't get
a chance to wish you one. Sorry I'm late.