(Sent in May for July issue)


July Equine Jounal Newsletter


Drive On!!!!!  Can you believe it, its July already and we are driving on! We have had some exciting events and more yet to come! We have just been notified that we have another drive, so please check the updated list. I would like to "Thank" everyone who has hosted a drive, or who will be hosting a drive. A lot of time and planning goes into making them happen. Here is the updated list of drives still to happen,
July 9 - Wyandot County Museum, Exhibition Only, Upper Sandusky, Ohio
July 30- River Bend Park in Findlay, Ohio (new drive)
August   21 - Carriage Display - Cedar Cove, Ada, Ohio
September 25 - Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, Ohio
October 4-9 - National Drive at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky.
October 8 - Hites' Homestead Drive, Kenton, Ohio  

October 16 - Parker Bridge, Upper Sandusky, Ohio
November 5 - Maumee Bay State Park Drive, Oregon, Ohio
December 17 - Christmas at the Farm, Kenton, Ohio
As you can see, we have a lot of activities still to come. We are looking forward in seeing everyone at the outings. Our club has always enjoyed fellowship, fun, and of course potlucks. We really have some good cooks. Please check the BSDC Newsletter for any last minute updates.
We are making final preparations for the annual banquet. It doesn't seem possible, but it will be here before we know it. It will be held on November 12th.  I will get the final details in the next article. This is also a good time to let one of the officers know if you would like to be on the Board of Directors. We will have two positions for a 3 year term, and one position for a one year term. If you are interested please let us know. We will be voting on these positions at the banquet.
If anyone has any information regarding the membership, please let me know. One item I do know of is the marriage of Doris and Matt Owen. Congratulations!! We wish you all the best. I also know we have had some members that have had surgery, or that has been in the hospital, or currently recovering. Please forward any updates so we can let the membership know the latest. We care about each other and if we can help in any way, we certainly will.
I realize that when you read this article the Carriage Round Up at the Ky. Horse Park will be over, but I wanted to point out that each year we need to make sure we know about any changes that will effect the club. At our Safety Clinic the vet mentioned that a new test was required by the State of Ky. and we needed this test to enter the Ky. Horse Park. It would have been a surprise traveling that far and finding this out when you arrive. So as a club we need to keep up on changes that will effect us. Please let any officer know so we can check it out.
We all love to have fun, but please take a few extra minutes to do a safety check on your harness and equipment. A few extra minutes might avoid a difficult situation. Since we do have a lot of fun, there is a lot of different turnouts that attend. Everyone is different, every horse and carriage is different, so you don't have to be on display if you don't want to, so bring your turnouts and have fun. Everyone is welcome. If you want to dress the part then do so, if you don't, then don't, just enjoy what you have and be happy. Life is too short not to enjoy it.
If anyone has questions about the drives or events, here is a list of contact numbers for the Board of Directors, we will be happy to help.
Julie Emmons, President, 740-361-3885
Angie Hohenbrink, Vice-President 419-274-1122
Jackie Minges, Treasurer, 734-856-6122
Molly Owen, Secretary, 419-569-6573
Roger Higgins Jr., Reporter, 740-251-7193
Mary Elliott, 419-561-1332
Sandy Young, 419-569-5389
Well until the next article, have a wonderful summer and send any updates to me that you may have.
My email address is higgy122@msn.com
Roger Higgins Jr.