July 1999 News, By Fred Thompson

  I hate it when June is over and the longest day of the year is behind
us.  It’s like turning 50 and thinking you’re over the hill. In reality,
it just means that you’re just getting warmed up for what’s ahead of us.
What is ahead of us is July?  We have only one club drive in July.

It is hosted by the Gillfillans and is July 5th at the Kenton
fairground.  There is a parade planned for 10:00.  If you can be there
in time for the parade, it will be good P. R. for the club.  Besides it
is going to be a long dry spell until our next drive.  This year Gary
said he is guaranteeing the weather, or was it he is just guaranteeing
weather.  Either way it will be a good time.  Guaranteed. 

  I think I’ll back up a little and recap some of the drives that are
over.  Back in May, Angie Hohenbrink held her drive in Hamler.  Mother
Nature did her part and furnished everyone with a beautiful day.  The
potluck was served and I’m sure everyone had plenty to eat.  The poker
run came next, and Henry zumFelde won the BSDC hat for having the best
hand.  Way to go Henry.

  The first drive of June was at the Kentucky Horse Park.  This sounded
like a drive nobody should have missed.  The five driving clubs filled
five barns at the park.  There was 60 plus turnouts, with 12-14 being
from Black Swamp with around 30 members showing up for the fun.  This
included the Davis party , making there first trek to the Kentucky
drive.  Black Swamp did the "traditional grilling of the burgers" Sat
night.  Gary Gillfillan, Mark Neuman, Joe Bell and Roger Murray, a.k.a.
"The Burger Boys", whipped out 140 burger and 80 hot dog in 1hr and
15min. Now that’s fast food -- Eat your heart McDonalds.  After the
meal, Charlie Poppe handed out various awards.  Black Swamp, not to be
left out, received two awards. One award went to Rachel and Renee Franz
for best grooms, and Connie Gillfillan was named "Miss Congeniality".
It gave Gary Gillfillan great pleasure in congratulating Roger Higgins
on his "39th" birthday (again).  Rumors have it that if Roger can stay
39 for a couple more years he’ll make the Guinness record book.  Good

July 5--Hardin County fairgrounds July 4th Celebration
August 6-7-Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, and Pa
August 29--Drive at Bucyrus, OH. Hosted by Sandy Young
Sept. 11--Drive at Oak Openings near Maumee
Sept. 12- Delaware Horse Parade
Sept. 15-18--CAA Conference
Sept. 24-26-- Longaberger Carriage Classic, Dresden, Oh  (Roger Murray)
Sept. 30--Carriage Auction at Topeka, IN.
Oct.   2-3--Heritage Day at Kenton
Oct.   7—Mt. Hope Carriage Auction, Mt. Hope, Oh.
Oct.   9-10-- Corn Huskers at Wyandot Fairgrounds (John Hunter)
Nov. 12-13- Martin’s Auction, Lebanon, Pa.
Nov. 20—Annual Dinner, Sauders Barn Restaurant, Archbold, Oh