July 2001 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

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Having Fun at the Kentucky Horse Park

Pictured on the left are BSDC members Mark, Marla and Chayton Newman
having fun driving Gary Gillfillans pony Minnie.  Picture on the right
shows unnamed members that already had too much fun.  Photos courtesy of
the Phantom Photographer.

   Hi everyone.  July is upon us.  Lets hope it turns out better than the last part of May and first part of June.  It was hardly weather to brag about.  Wet, cloudy and yucky.  It sure makes it hard to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  MUD-MUD-MUD.  Just remind me not to complain too much when it turns off hot, dry and dusty.  I would hate to have people think that I'm never satisfied.  They would be right, I just don't want them to think it.  Enough complaining.  Lets talk about the good times ahead.  I hope everyone is planning an enjoyable 4th of July.  It has to be the biggest weekend of the summer and it is just
begging for people to get out and enjoy it.  Even it is nothing more than sitting around and enjoying family and friends.  Just a last minute reminder, if you don't have anything to do you can always come up to Kenton for the 4th.   Even if it is just to enjoy the fellowship. Details of that event were in last months Corral.

   I normally like to run the past drives first but this is important and don't want anyone to miss it.  Not to imply that anyone would NOT read the entire article, but one never knows when you might have to hurry and change the paper in the bottom of the birdcage.


  The Wharton picnic date has to be changed from July 22 to July 29. There was a conflict with the Wharton Homecoming.  This outing will be
hosted by Joe and Ann Bell and Nathan Strasbaugh at the Wharton Park shelter house. This will be a picnic only, so lets leave the horses home
and spend the day shooting the bull instead.  I'm sure your horses will love you for it. 

  The potluck will be at 1:00.  The grill will be going and hamburgers and hot dogs will be furnished along with lemonade and iced tea.  Bring
a dish or desert to pass.   It might be nice to bring any pictures you would like to display. Anyone wishing to bring something horse related
to trade may do so.

 Directions: From US 30 go North on St Rt. 293 you will pass the
cemetery and then turn left on the first street you come to.  The park
will be on your left just past a vacant lot. Watch for signs.

Safety Hint of the Month:   When out driving, pay attention to your horse and how he is acting.   Especially watch his ears, which may be warning you that he is nervous about something.  Be prepared to react.  A horse will see things that we would never see or pay attention to.  Be

   OK, lets review some of the drives in the past.  The drive at Van Buren was May 20th and was hosted by the Hohenbrinks.  The day turned
out great considering that the weather at that time was pure water.  I didn't get a count on the members that showed up for the fellowship, but
there was 7 turnouts going out for the drive.  Most of the drivers took the shorter route because of a bridge that was out.  Two of the driver
braved the long haul and managed it with style.

 At the drive the Park Ranger ask if the BSDC members that used the park would fill out one of their cards (Angie has some if
somebody didn't get one).  It is a questionnaire about the park and how you used it.   They don't think enough horse people are using the
park.   If it doesn't have enough support they will change the horse day use area where we parked the trailers for something else.   If you like
the facilities at Van Buren and would like to continue to be able to use it, it may be worth your time to fill out one of these cards.  You can
get a hold of Angie for one of the cards or you can just go to the Van Buren Park ranger station and ask for one of these

   June 1-3 took a host of Black Swampers down to the Kentucky Horse Park for the annual carriage drive.  Thirty-five members had high hopes
of leaving the Ohio weather behind, but to no avail.  It was wet and windy down there also.  The 7 or so turnouts that the members took to
the park literally drove between rainstorms, or at least they tried to keep it in-between storms.  Some started out dry but came back wet.
Then again Swampers is what some of us call ourselves and the weather hasn't damped our spirits yet.

   The annual tailgate party definitely was a challenge.  The wind had people chasing their paper plates and cup across the grounds.  Some of
the people opted to use the tabacco barn for refuse.  Gary Gillfillan said that even in the barn that his plate was garnished with a "ground
seasoning" that looked an awful lot like the dirt that was blowing around.  He didn't go on and say what it tasted like.   Maybe THAT IS one of Colonel Sanders 11 secret herbs and spices you always hear about.  If so it had to taste like chicken.

   I hope I'm not painting too gloomy of a picture because if I can rewrite the old Mailman creed.  "NOT WIND NOR RAIN NOR GLOOM OF NIGHT

   I did hear that the one highlight was the tour Friday night through Castleton farm.  I guess this place was outstanding.  The horse barn had
Cherry wood stalls with fresh running water and ceiling fans in each and the aisles were tiled. (So this is what horses dream about).  If that
was the horse barn you can imagine what the rest of the farm looked like. (That is what horse people dream about.)

   After all is said and done, it is a great weekend.  Whenever a group of people with a common interest can get together and have a good time,
it was a successful weekend.  In spite of the weather.

   The Murray trip now in Print:    I would like to pass on an e-mail I got from Angie Hohenbrink.  It says: "I don't know if you get the "Carriage Journal" put out by the CAA, but Roger & Sue Murray have an article in the June issue.    "A Trip Through Tuscany by Hunting Carriage".  It's three pages long with 5 pictures from their trip.   It's really a nice article."

   Thanks for letting us know about the article, Angie.  I really enjoy hearing or reading about our members that appear in other publications.
It is even better when they write the article.  So Roger and Sue, do you have any extra June "Carriage Journal"?  Maybe you can bring them to the Wharton picnic and share your article with members that aren't CAA members and don't get the "Carriage Journal".  How 'bout it?   I for one would like to read it. 

Welcome New Members: I would like to take this time to welcome some new members to the Black Swamp Driving Club.  They are Larry, Sandy and
Patrick Cordes, Debra Gadus, Mike & Susan Sadlon, Janet Krause, and Brian & Christine Redmon.  Welcome and come on and join the fun.


July 6       Henry zum Felde
July 6       Katie Knight
July 9       Connie Gillfillan
July 12     Dave Kuhlman
July 12     Tom Shapler
July 14     Doris Fairchild
July 18     Darlene Higgins
July 21     Laura Yaney
July 24     Mariah Stevenson
July 25      Randy Scarbro
July 26      Jeni Knight
July 26      Joyce Cook
July 27      Dashaw Stevenson
August 3   Chris Langevin
August 7   Keith Neale
August 8   Gene Pore
August 10  Dorthy Ratchiff
August 10  Taylor Courchaine
August 11  Mary-Ellen Toth
August 18  Larry Young
August 19  Jessica Yaney
August 28  Gerri Scarbro
August 29  Micheal Deck

Upcoming Events:

    July 4..... Kenton 4th of July Celebration and Parade
* July 29... Summer Picnic at the Wharton Park
  August 11... LaRue Bicentennial Parade contact Roger Higgins Sr.
*August 26.... Drive at Sandy Young
*September 9... Drive at Oak Opening hosted by the Shapler
*October 13-14 .. Cornhusker at Upper Sandusky hosted by the Hunters
*November 17... Annual meeting and banquet at Henry's in Kenton

*Denotes club sponsored events


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