June 2001 Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

   Hi everyone.   Boy, time is sure moving on.  I don't know about everyone else but here at the Thompson house things are hectic.  I have to admit that a lot of stuff is getting done.  A little update from last month.  The riding arena for Katie is coming along just fine.  A few sore muscles, but nothing too much to complain about.  We also have a
birth announcement.  The Sunday of the Walker's drive, our mare presented us with a bouncing baby boy. I really enjoy watching new foals.   I'll look out in the pasture and he will be just running up a storm.  This just drives his mom crazy.   She will see that he is getting a little to far away and she will grab a bite of grass and off she goes to catch up and to protect him.  The next time I look out and he is stretched out in the sun fast a sleep.  It's tough to beat spring and new foals.

   You can tell a horse owner by the interior of their pickup.  Boots, mud, straw, items of tack and a screwed-up waxed jacket of incredible antiquity.

   Now to catch up on items from the past.   On April 22nd Randy and Renee Walker from the Swanton area held their first club drive as BSDC members.  From everything I heard it was outstanding.  As one club member put it" The Walkers sure know how to throw a party.  They can invite me to one of theirs anytime."   There was around 46 member and guests showed up for the food, fellowship and the love of driving. After the potluck was over members hitch up the 7 turnouts that were brought and headed out for the drive.  The hitches made a loop in the State Forest and were accompanied by a couple of people that decided to ride instead of drive.   After a little rest because of the humidity some of the hitches then went on to drive the trails in the Walker's woods.  Even though the weather was a little wet, it sounded like everyone had a great time.  Best of all, Renee and Randy are looking forward to holding a drive again next year.  That's what we like to hear.

   The next drive of the season was at Spencerville, Ind.  This event was hosted by Doris and Harvey Fairchild on May 6th.  There were about 25 members that showed up for the fellowship and Doris's famous chicken.  After the potluck there was the drawing for a door prize.  Sue Murray was the winner of this prize that will probably sit in a place of
honor in the Murray house.  The prize?  A miniature exploding OUTHOUSE. With a little imagination I am sure that most people know what it is meant to scare out of you when it flies apart.  Anyway everyone got a good laugh out of it.  After things got cleaned up, everyone was ready for the drive.  There was only one slight problem.  It seemed that
Shapler's big Percheron leaned just-a-little too much on the gate that divided him from their carriage in the trailer.  As much as everyone tried they could not get the gate open.  Oh, what could they do, Oh, what could they do?  Never fear.  Someone suggested that if the big boy pushed it in then let him pull the bow out.  So they harnessed the big
guy up and fastened a tow strap up to the gate and the horse and ever so gently took the bow out and allowed the gate to open so the carriage could be removed.  With the crisis over everyone hitched up and went on a wonderful drive through some beautiful countryside on a gorgeous day. Doesn't that sound like a great way to spend a day?

   Never take a completely green horse to a show or driving event. First find out how he behaves when being driven in company with other carriages.

   Our next club event will be at Malabar Farms on June 24.   This will be a drive - ride event and will be hosted by Mary Elliot.  Mary will be furnishing hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and a tent for the 1:00 potluck.  She also said that the spot she rented is available from 8:00am - 11:00pm so come early and stay late if you like.  There is a chance maybe a campfire can be arranged for the ones that want to hang around.  Some of the day's events will include games with prizes.  Just as a warning: If you came to win that 1-ton power-stroke Ford crew cab dually----you're at the wrong party.  Never the less hang around and have some fun.   To get to Malabar Farm: Take SR 30 east through Mansfield to a small town called Mifflin.  Turn south on 603.  This takes you right to Malabar Farm.  Watch for the signs.  As soon as you enter you should see the tent.

  July 4th will be the Hardin County Fourth of July celebration at Kenton, Ohio.  Buggy and sleigh displays are to set up at 10:00. Cookout and potluck will be at 12:00 with hotdogs hamburgers and drinks furnished.  There will be a 4th of July parade through downtown at 1:00.  Directions to the Hardin County Fair Grounds are as follows. Take
SR 31 south or SR 68 south to the Fairgrounds Rd. on the edge of Kenton.  For more details call Mark and Marla Newman at 419-675-2843 or Gary and Connie Gillfillan at 419-675-3257.   


June 5 Roger Higgins Sr.
June 11 Nathan Strasbaugh
June 12 Sue Thompson
June 13 Pat Burghardt
June 18 Sean Crossman
June 23 Lanna Neale
July 6 Henry zum Felde
July 6 Katie Knight
July 9 Connie Gillfillan
July 10 Gay Porter
July 12 Dave Kuhlman
July 12 Tom Shapler
July 14 Doris Fairchild
July 18 Darlene Higgins
July 21 Laura Yaney
July 24 Mariah Stevenson
July 25 Randy Scarbro
July 26 Jeni Knight
July 26 Joyce Cook
July 27 Dashaw Stevenson

Upcoming Events:

   June 1-3.... Kentucky Horse Park
*June 24..... Drive at Malabar Farm hosted by Mary Elliot
   July 4..... Kenton 4th of July Celebration and Parade
* July 22... Summer Picnic at the Wharton Park
  August 11... LaRue Bicentennial Parade contact Roger Higgins Sr.
*August 26.... Drive at Sandy Young
*September 9... Drive at Oak Opening hosted by the Shapler
*October 13-14 .. Cornhusker at Upper Sandusky hosted by the Hunters
*November 17... Annual meeting and banquet at Henry's in Kenton
*Denotes a BSDC sponsored event


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