JUNE 2004 Newsletter


Oh, happy days!  “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…”   Good June to everyone.  Summer is here and the drives have begun.  I want to give a special thank you to Dan and Ginny Secrist for hosting the May drive.  It was a glorious day out in the Secrist woods.  We enjoyed the company under and around their shelter in the woods, sunshine on our faces while we leisurely drove around the country roads, and of course the mounds of delicious foods.  Dan and Ginny (and friends) led the way in a beautiful vis-à-vis carriage.  It could not have been more delightful.  In addition, surprise, the Secrist family has decided to host another drive June 27, 2004.  I certainly will look forward to returning to the woods. 

As our horses shed out seemingly pounds of hair, remember a few summer tips.  Regular brushing speeds the shedding process, helps the horse circulate blood to the skin, spreads oils – giving the horse a glossy shine, and just plain feels good.  If you have not begun worming, it is a good time for a dose.  I may be a little early for this warning but the hot days are nearby.  Heat stroke is not only for humans.  Horses, especially dark colored animals, are at risk for the deadly condition.  Work your horses in reasonable heat with moderation and lots of water.  I carry a collapsible bucket in my buggy, just in case things are starting to heat up.  In addition, don’t forget the sunscreen!  In my experience, men especially think that it is unnecessary or un-cool to wear, but skin cancer is a terrible reality we must combat daily.  Even a cloudy day can produce a nasty burn for fair skinned people, like me.

The next big deal is the Carriage Roundup in Lexington, KY at the horse park on June 4,5, & 6.  It is our time to get away from the doldrums of our regular lives and just enjoy what we love – driving!  Please make an effort to make it to the event.  It promises to be both relaxing and enjoyable.  Charlie Poppe is the host and is the contact person for more information.  We have been invited to bring a few items from around the house for the scavenger hunt.  Just bring expendable items that you would not normally find along the route of a drive.  Let’s make this a memorable and safe event for all.  Do not forget a copy of your coggins test, as the park officials may not allow you to unload without it.  I have also been informed that the state of Kentucky has been randomly pulling out-of-state horse trailers over on the highways to check for proof of a test.   If it is you who sees the flashing lights in your mirrors, do not get in hot water! Whether you plan to stay in a hotel or camp, I hope to see you there. 

Some dates to remember and mark your calendars are:

June 4,5,6 – Charlie Poppe hosting the Carriage Roundup at the Kentucky Horse Park

*June 27 – Secrist drive at Fremont [carry-in at 1pm and drive at 2pm see May issues for driving directions

July 4 – Hardin County Fairgrounds cookout/carry-in [drive at will on the grounds from 1pm to parade at 4pm]

*July 17- Emmons/Higgins Amish drive [directions will follow]

*September 11 – Sauder Village drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde

*September 26 – Murray drive [directions will follow]

*October 3 Emmons/Higgins drive [directions will follow]

*October 9,10  - Corn Huskers drive in Sandusky hosted by John & Sara Hunter


As you may have noticed, there are not any drives scheduled for August.  It would be a shame to waste a perfectly good summer month.  If you have the ability to host a drive, don’t be shy, step up to the plate and let us know.


 During this month, we also can enjoy the Topeka, IN sale on the 17th, 18th, and 19th.  I know everyone likes to go just to check things out (and socialize of course). 

Happy birthday to our members born in June!  It would not be silly to make that call or send that cute card letting the birthday guys/gals know that you’re thinking of them.  You can find that information on our membership list – hint, hint!)

(5) Roger Higgins, Jr. (11) Nathan Strasbaugh (12) Sue Thompson (13) Pat Burghardt (18) Sean Crossman.

One last thought to leave you with – When you give your horse a bath who really gets wetter?  I thought so! Therefore, you might as well use warm water for your out-of-doors shower.