Black Swamp Driving Club June 2005


Wow, what a May we have just had! The weather has been hot, cold, dry, wet, and windy and I even saw some hail.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though, it is Ohio after all! I have to apologize for last month’s very abbreviated newsletter.  By some unforeseen technical glitch, have of what I wrote for you all was left out of the newsletter.  Of course, it had to be the last half with the calendar of events and many thanks to all of our presenters and helpers for the April Safety Clinic.  So, now I am saying it again, thank you to all those who made the clinic a great success. 

In this issue, I have included the photos taken at the April clinic.  As you can see we had a nice turn out of people, awesome presenters, and everyone had fun, including the youngsters.

            Our first drive of the year was wonderful, a little chilly, but wonderful.  Our vice president, Joe Bell hosted the drive in Wharton, Ohio.  The whole town was glad to see us, as there were several people who came out of their warm homes to watch us go by.  The dogs all around town were equally, if not more, excited to see us!  One large Rotweiler came out to meet Peg Graham’s tiny mini, Foxy, dragging his dog house behind.  The dog was as big as the horse but Foxy handled it in stride. Way to go, little guy.  We had a total of seven turnouts and approximately forty-four people in attendance.  That’s pretty good, considering that it was our first drive and how chilly it was.  The ride was well tailored to all who came.  Three different drive lengths were mapped out for those who had big, little, or in-between turnouts. My family and I were permitted to ride in Julie Emmons gorgeous carriage.  I felt like Cinderella (skip forward to the happily-ever-after part).  The company we kept inside the covered vis-à-vis was delightful, too.

Before the drive itself we enjoyed a delicious potluck lunch and had a meeting.  We recalled the minutes from April and the treasurer’s report, sort of.  Angie, I forgot my camera, so we were both on the ball, weren’t we!?

 The talk turned to, and rightly so, the Carriage Round-Up in Lexington, Kentucky.  The date for this year is June 2,3,4, 2005.  It will be the next time we see each other. Our theme for the tailgate party/dinner is Just for Fun.  We will have a banner (?) saying  “Having Fun, the Black Swamp Way”.  I love this idea because isn’t that the whole point of the club, anyway?  Please bring some games, kites, toys, and etc. to put on display for the tailgate party.  We want to be a little better organized for this year’s judging. Remember to bring some food or plan to go shopping while you are there for the dinner.  See you all there and safe travels.

Our next drive around home will also be June 18 &19.  Angie Hohenbrink will host a drive at the Henry County Fairgrounds, Napoleon, Ohio on SR 108. It will be a one or two day event. The single day drive will be on the 19th and but, if you plan to stay overnight by arriving on the 18th, be sure to let her know well in advance.  Special arrangements need to be made for electricity and such. 

Here are the rest of the dates for this season:

July 4- Kenton Parade at the Hardin County Fairgrounds.  Meet under the tree after noon

July 23 – Roger Higgins, Jr. Amish drive at Hepburn

August 28 – Young family drive

September 10 – Sauder Village drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde

September 25 – Roger & Sue Murray at Coon Hunters Lodge, Tiffin

October 8,9 – Corn Huskers drive hosted by John & Sara Hunter, Upper Sandusky

The annual CAA Conference will be held August 23-27 at the beautiful estate of Shelburne Farms located on the eastern shores of Lake Champlain, seven miles south of Burlington, Vermont. It offers over thirty miles of breath-taking trails to drive.  If you need more information or an application, contact the CAA or our own Roger Murray.

 I sincerely hope to see as many members as possible at the June drives. Our club is based on its members.  With out you, we are just not the same. Make the effort to bring your turnout; it is always worth the trouble.  See you soon!