June 2008 BSDC Newsletter


Rain rain go away, come back on a work day.  Wow can you belive summer is here!   It seems like time is flying by.

John Myles is hosting a drive on June 28 at Findley Riverbend Park.  The potluck will be at 12:30 - if you need any directions please call John at 419/694-0209 and he will gladly give you directions.

If you have any photos of any club event, Sandy Young and Peg Graham would be excited to incorprate them into the club scrapbook

If you have anything to report such as a drive or directions to your upcomind drive, Iwill need the information emailed to me, Brandy, at brandelyneckard@yahoo.com or you can reach me at 740/361-2145 - if the voicemail picks up, leave a message and a number to be reached at and I will get back with you.  It has been crazy with working third shift and then trying to get reorganzied after BJ and I were married.

The club is celebrating its 20th year if you have any ideas on anything special we should do, please let a board member know, we need as many ideas as we can get.


Here is a lists of drives so far:

June 28 - Findlay Riverbend Park

July 4-5 - Farm Progress Days at Mt Hope

July 10-13 - CAA Conference

July 19 - The Gillifillan's Drive

August 10 - Emmons/Higgins Park Bridge Drive

September 14 - The Murrays Drive

October 11 - Corn Huskers Drive