March 2002 BSDC Newsletter

By Fred Thompson

  Hi everyone and welcome to March.  So far, this winter has not been your typical winter.  I'm just wondering what March is going to be like.  Dad always called March the month of all months.  So if that is true, then no matter what comes our way, then it should be a typical March. 

   I don't know how many of you folk shoot for early foals, but if you have any on the ground, let me know.  I like putting birth announcement in the newsletter.  The new arrival can be two legged or four legged, I don't care. I'll be happy to let everyone know.  You'll see that is true later in the report.

   This is not going to be the normal newsletter since our monthly meeting is after the time that I have to send in this report.  So I'll be shooting from the hip on some of this, but never fear, I have lots of hip to shoot from. 

   The main topic is of course our annual safety-driving clinic that will be held on April 7.  Once again it will be free and open to the public, so spread the word around.  Like last year, it will be held at Fetters Farm down by Lima.  Directions: From I-75 go east on Rt. 309 about 6.5 miles and the farm is on right. From the East: Rt. 309 going west, go through Maysville. (Just a few houses) proceed west, about 3-4 miles you will see Stite's Grocery on your left then a trucking company and the Fetter farm will be about mile farther on the left.  It is really hard to miss.  Fetters Farm is a set of very large brown buildings and is very visible from the road.  I think the one thing that I will mention and I
hope you will tell people that are interested in coming. This is an unheated building with no real seating.  So as a little warning, dress for the weather and bring a chair if you don't want to stand up the
whole time.

   There was a committee meeting held to go over the details and who was going to help on what part of the clinic.  The clinic will be very similar to last years.  Topics will include harness, harnessing, buggy maintenance, what to look for in a safe used buggy, driving do's and don'ts, and of course safety and liability.  Most of the same faces will
be back this year plus there will be some new ones that will be helping out.

   I WANT EVERYONE TO LISTEN UP NOW.  Our March meeting will not be held at the normal place.  Because of scheduling difficulties, we had to find a new location.  This month it will be at the Good Hope Lutheran Church
in Arlington, Ohio.  The easiest way to find it is to get on St. Rt. 68 and take it to Arlington.  The church is located one house North of the Arlington High School, which is toward the South end of town.  It shouldn't be too hard to find.  Arlington is one of those nice little towns that are hard to get too lost in.  Well now that you know where, I
suppose it would help if I also told you when the meeting is.  The meeting will be March 17 from 2-4. .  Please bring snacks to share and coffee and punch will be provided.  New members are always welcome so please come and join in. 

   I guess I'll move on to, what I will simply call " I have some good news and I have some bad news".  The good news is that Mark and Marla Newman has added another little bundle of joy to their household.  Marla gave birth to a beautiful 8-lb. baby girl on January 21.  Mark and Marla name their little daughter Chenoa.  This is Cherokee for White Dove. Mark said it was a very easy birth and he had no pain what so ever.  It also sound like Marla had an easy time too.   So to Ma and Pa Newman-Congratulations.

 Our BSDC under the weather report.  Gerald and Marilyn Racey are having some tough times.  Gerald spent a some time in the hospital having a little roto-rooter work done on his arteries.  Thankfully he is out now and doing better.  Then Marilyn had an allergic reaction to some medicine and swelled up like the little Pillsbury doughboy (girl), but
is now looking and feeling better also.  A speedy recovery to Gerald and Marilyn.

   Now comes the part I really dislike.  On January 27, 2002, Peggy Graham lost her mother Helen Shultz.  Peg would bring Helen along to many of the club function.  Many of the older club members got to know Helen well and would simply and affectionately call her Mom.  To Peggy from everyone in the Black Swamp Driving Club, you have our deepest sympathy on your loss.

   I also regret to announce that Linda Spears husband George passed away.  I apologize for not having any detail.  I do want to send our sincere condolences to Linda from the Black Swamp Driving Club.


March 1    Marilyn Rasey
March 2    Janet Burghardt
March 3    Wayne Leightey
March 6    Chester Boice
March 11   Diana Darbyshire
March 13   Sarah Yaney
March 16   Denise Ruffing
March 21   Cam Boice
March 21   Pat Kimura
March 21   Pierce Courchaine
March 22   Nancy Smith
March 22   Sheryl Knight
March 26   Daryl Zehlney
April 4       Katie Crossman
April 5       Walker, Randy
April 8       Renee Franz
April 8       Robert Ratcliff
April 16     Carl Englehart
April 17     Ann Leightey
April 19     Cheryl Evans
April 19     Harvey Fairchild
April 24     Dennis Wixey
April 26     Loretta Gschwind
April 30     Kim Anderson


  Feb 4 -5    Eastern States Draft Horse Sale
*Feb 17      Meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church
*Mar 17      Meeting at the Good Hope Lutheran Church in Arlington, Ohio
 Apr 11 -14 Equine Affair at Columbus, Ohio
*April 21     Drive hosted by the Walkers
*May 5       Drive hosted by the Fairchilds
  May 31-   June 1 Kentucky Horse Park
*June 16     Drive hosted by the Hohenbrinks in conjunction with the Henry County Draft Horse Club fun show
*June ?       Drive hosted by Mary Elliott at Malabar Farms
*July 4        4th of July parade at Kenton with the Gillfillans
*July?         Summer Picnic hosted by the Bells
*Aug 25      Drive hosted by the Young's
*Sept 15      Drive hosted by the Murray's at Melmore
*Oct 12 -13  Cornhuskers with the Hunters
*Oct 27        Drive hosted by the Newmans

* Denotes a club sponsored event