March 2004 Newsletter

By Heather Bonifas

Hello everyone, another month of an Ohio Winter Wonderland has gone by.  I can sum it up with one word: ICE.  "I" is for inclement weather (or I am tired of slipping on my backside!).  "C" is for cold, so cold in fact, that no one has been able to venture outside for any length of time (can we say cabin fever?).   Finally, "E" is for our equine friends that are not so patiently waiting in their stalls for some long overdue leg stretching.  Remember though, horses are not naturally equipped for ice and are especially vulnerable to broken bones.   There have been many reports of broken legs and resulting euthanasia.

            Our meeting in February took place at Trinity church in Findlay. We had a lovely turn out and quite the spread of goodies.  Some of us were caught mingling yet when our new president, Peg Graham, called the meeting to order.  Angie Hohenbrink gave the treasure’s report.  As there was no “old business”, we began discussing the possibility of a Safety Meeting.  The particulars are still being worked on but everyone seemed to appreciate the idea. Proper fit and condition of harness and vehicle safety checks were just a few of the areas of interest that were expressed. If anyone wants to see something, in particular Mark Newman accepted the position of chairperson for the event.  If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see at the safety meeting, contact Mark.  I will keep you posted in upcoming articles.

            Remember, if you would like to get in on the raffle drawing at the Equine Affaire, you have to act fast!  The deadline is March 12.  Who doesn’t want great, free horse stuff?!  Equine Affaire always has many learning and shopping opportunities for horse people.  Check out the schedule of events and the raffle drawing at their website.

             The Fourth of July Parade is going to be in the afternoon this year to avoid traffic problems on Sunday.  It will start at 4pm. The club potluck and cookout will be held at the Hardin County fairgrounds in Kenton, as usual.  Pray that the weather is pleasant this year.  

In addition, at the meeting, members discussed various locations for a possible two-day outing.  This would include camping or overnight stay and trail rides both days.  Many great ideas were volleyed, however, nothing is written in stone yet.  If anyone has any thoughts on the topic, please share them at the next meeting.

The sleigh ride is still on, weather permitting.  Gary and Connie Gillfillan are just waiting for the weather to treat us right to host the outing.  Think snow, no ice, please.

Last but not least, by any means, we all enjoyed a beautifully filmed video brought by the Murrays.  It was set at the Kentucky Horse Park on a gorgeous sunny day.  The Carriage Association of America paraded their spectacular horses and carriages down scenic roadways bordered by endless white fences.  Oh, to be there now!  I guess that’s what my dreams will be made of until the outing planned this year.  The warm sun on my face, breezes in my hair, fresh air in my nose and the clip-clop of hoof beats in my ears, a full sensory treat. 

Speaking of planned outings and other dates of interest, please keep these dates in mind:            March 14 and April 18 meetings will be at the church.  Please bring snacks and a friend.  In addition, on April 17, there will be a board member and officers only meeting at Woodland restaurant in Findlay. 

These dates have been reserved for drives, so pencil them in your calendar:

*May 16 – Secrist drive

June 4,5,6 – Charlie Poppe will be hosting the drive

*June 19 – Emmons/Higgins Amish drive

*September 11 – Sauder Village drive hosted by Henry ZumFelde

*September 26 – Murray drive

*October 3 – Higgins/Emmons drive

*October 9, 10 – Corn Huskers drive hosted by John and Sara Hunter


Other dates of interest are: March 9-13 there will be a Draft Horse and Carriage Sale in Mt. Hope.  The Topeka, Indiana sales will be April 15, 16, 17, and on June 17, 18, 19.  Keep in mind that the carriages sell on the Friday of each auction.

            Happy Birthday to all the March babies of all ages, including,

1-     Marilyn Rasey

2-     Janet Burghardt

3-     Wayne Leightey

6-      Chester Boice

11-    Diana Darbyshire

13 – Sarah Yaney

16 – Denise Ruffing

18 – Jeanalle Bonifas

21-    Cam Boice

21-    Pat Kimura

21-    Pierce Courchaine

22-    Nancy Smith

22 -Sheryl Knight

24 – Morgan Bonifas

26 – Daryl Zehlner

Please keep the family of Robert Peterson, one of the founding members of the BSDC, in your prayers.  He passed away in January.

Here’s one funny I think everyone can relate to: Barn Sour – An affliction common to horse people in northern climates during the winter months.  Skating over ice, trudging through deep snow with a wheelbarrow, and beating out frozen water buckets tend to bring on the condition rapidly.